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Mary Cosby is ‘happy’ and ‘at peace’ after missing out on the RHOSLC cast trip

Mary Cosby doesn't regret staying back for the Las Vegas trip.
Mary Cosby doesn’t regret staying back for the Las Vegas trip. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby reveals that she was more than happy to skip out on Whitney Rose’s Las Vegas girls’ trip.

Mary tells ET that she was disappointed when she got around to watching RHOSLC Season 1 and realized that she wasn’t featured on the show as much as she expected to be.

Fans even agreed that Mary seemed to be intentionally left out of the season.

However, Mary is reportedly more than fine with not being involved with the scenes during the Las Vegas trip.

During the show, Whitney called up Mary and invited her on the trip. However, when Mary heard that Jen Shah was coming, she declined the invitation, and she doesn’t regret her decision.

“I feel like if I go in to do an event, or go to do something fun or enjoyable, dinner and vacation, that’s super touchy. I’m gonna go with someone I enjoy, someone that enjoys me. That sounds fun. But to go with this group? Every escape was, like, literally an escape for me,” Mary confesses.

“I was like, ahhh! Especially when I didn’t have to go to Vegas,” she admits. “I was so happy, I was so relieved, ’cause I didn’t wanna be in trouble. I want to abide by the rules, but … no, I didn’t feel left out and I was at peace, very happy.”

Why Mary didn’t go to Vegas

Mary was not willing to go to Las Vegas after all the drama that went down between her and Jen.

The feud all started after Mary implied that Jen smelled “like hospital.” The two women had it out at the party Jen threw for Meredith Marks.

Even though Mary seemingly apologized, all wasn’t good with Jen. At another event, Jen lashed out at Meredith for spending time with Mary whom Jen called the woman “who f**ked her grandfather.”

The women had it at once again at Mary’s luncheon causing Mary to throw Jen out.

Mary was ultimately hurt by Jen’s decision to not invite her to her husband, Sharrieff Shah’s, surprise party. Because of her absence, she wasn’t able to defend herself when Meredith and Lisa Barlow denied that they told her they were afraid Jen.

By the time the Vegas trip came around, Mary was reportedly done getting into it with Jen.

Both women have hinted that they may have made amends and repaired their friendship during the reunion.

What went down in Vegas

Mary’s relief about not going to Vegas may also be attributed to the drama that went down there.

Even though Whitney Rose thought Jen was over the fight that went down at Sharrieff’s party, that was far from the case.

Jen told Heather she was still pissed at Whitney for telling her about Lisa and Meredith being afraid of her.

Meanwhile, Meredith and Lisa were at the race track accepting Whitney’s apology for what she said to Jen.

Needless to say, Jen was not thrilled that Meredith and Lisa forgave Whitney so easily. This led to an explosive dinner which left all of the women’s friendship with Jen on the brink of destruction.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 1 finale airs Wednesday, February 3 at 10/9c on Bravo.

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