Janelle Pierzina shares how she had to terminate a pregnancy

Janelle Pierzina Posing
Big Brother alum Janelle Pierzina has played the game four times. Pic credit: @janellepierzina/Instagram

Janelle Pierzina of Big Brother fame shared a heartbreaking story about how she had to terminate a pregnancy back in 2018. This would have been the fourth child for Janelle and her husband.

Janelle has appeared as a cast member on four seasons of Big Brother, and that includes being a part of both All-Stars seasons. Over the years, Janelle was part of BB6, BB7, BB14, and BB22.

Outside of her time starring on seasons of Big Brother and The Amazing Race, Janelle got married to Jess DeSanto, has become a real estate agent, and has three kids. The names of her kids are Violet, Lincoln, and Stella.

Janelle talks about losing her fourth child

“In 2018 I was pregnant with my 4th child but had to terminate due to the fetus being stuck in my tubes. My doctor said I had to terminate or I would die of internal bleeding. So I would have died in 2018. If you don’t have a uterus U are not allowed to have an opinion. #RoeVsWade,” Janelle wrote on her Twitter page.

Quite a few fans have already stopped by to show their support, and that includes many shares and likes of the post shown below.

Janelle Pregnancy
Janelle shares a story from back in 2018. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

More news from the world of Big Brother

In other news from the world of Big Brother, Janelle is set to appear on Snake in the Grass. This is a new reality competition show that is going to feature some people from Big Brother, Survivor, and Naked and Afraid competing for cash prizes in South America.

The upcoming season of Big Brother is going to be much shorter than normal, with the producers looking to squeeze a full season into a smaller time frame. This is very similar to what Survivor has been doing in recent seasons.

And speaking of shows featuring former Big Brother houseguests, BB13 winner Rachel Reilly has a new show that focuses on her family. It co-stars her husband and fellow Big Brother alum, Brendon Villegas.

To go back and watch the seasons of Big Brother that Janelle Pierzina starred on, fans can stream BB6, BB7, BB14, and BB22 by using Paramount+. That’s also where Big Brother 23 episodes from last summer can be found.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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