Big Brother 24 is a much shorter season

BB18 House Photo
The Big Brother house is about to be full of people again. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 is going to be a much shorter season than fans of the show have grown used to over the past few years. And gone are the years when the houseguests would be playing the game for 99 days.

Host Julie Chen Moonves recently shared a picture and asked if Big Brother fans could spot clues about the upcoming season in it. Her social media post definitely got people buzzing about the show again.

The Big Brother 2022 season premiere arrives on Wednesday, July 6, when a special 90-minute episode takes place on CBS. The producers have also advertised that this is going to be a live move-in for the BB24 cast.

How many days is Big Brother 24?

The Big Brother 24 season finale is slated for Sunday, September 25. This is going to be the first time that the show has ended on a Sunday, as it usually wraps up on the same night as the Survivor fall premiere.

The start date for Survivor 43 is on Wednesday, September 21, and CBS is giving the show two hours for its season premiere. That night will also be the debut of The Amazing Race 34.

According to the calendar, Big Brother 24 will be 82 days long, making it the shortest season of the reality competition series since Big Brother 14.

Big Brother 2022 season has a huge cash prize

The cash prize on the line for the Big Brother 2022 season is $750,000 again. When the Big Brother 23 cast was announced last year, it also came with the news that the producers had increased the prize for first place from $500,000 up to $750,000.

At last word, the BB24 cast is going to be made up entirely of people who are new to the game, so fans won’t get bored seeing returners in the Big Brother house again. After Big Brother 22 was only returners, the producers may steer away from that format for a while.

We should get to see the full BB24 cast list within the next week, especially with the season premiere coming up so quickly.

Fans who want to go back and watch older seasons of Big Brother can do so by streaming them on Paramount+. It’s a fun way to go back and see how much the game has evolved since Julie Chen Moonves introduced that first cast so many years ago.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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