Janelle Pierzina and Beau Beasley from Big Brother 6 share story of how he was assaulted at bar

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Janelle Pierzina has a lot of great stories to tell about Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Since appearing on Big Brother 22, Janelle Pierzina has taken to doing chats and interviewing a lot of other Big Brother houseguests on her Instagram page.

The live sessions have allowed fans to get a peek at Janelle outside of the Big Brother world, as she speaks with guests about vacations, interactions, and big life moments.

On a recent Instagram live session, some interesting information came out about a dramatic encounter that Janelle and her friend had at a bar before her wedding took place.

“This guest that I’m having tonight is literally one of my best friends,” Janelle stated as she started her new video. “He was in my wedding. Okay. This is the real deal.”

Janelle then went about inviting Beau Beasley to the chat and the two friends were off to the races with talk of the past. If you watch the video that we shared below, bear in mind that Janelle is still new at this.

Beau and Janelle share about assault by homophobic bar patrons

There was a lot to unpack in the chat that Janelle and Beau had, including their argument that Maggie Ausburn from the Big Brother 6 cast was and is the most-hated former houseguest from the show. Even more so than Nicole Franzel – in their opinion.

Maggie reportedly used her prize money to start a family with her husband and she has pretty much dropped off the radar for a lot of Big Brother fans. Watching Big Brother 6, though, you might see why many fans at that time didn’t enjoy her on the show.

But back to Beau and Janelle talking about their shared past.

Referred to as “the Napa story” during their chat, Janelle and Beau started speaking about being in Napa for her bachelorette party. They took to the dance floor and something happened.

“There were maybe like eight burly goomba, you know, boys and they’re staring at me and they’re like ‘who’s this guy’ I’m like, ‘I’m with my girls okay. I’m with my girls so shut up – leave me alone,’” Beau states as he begins the story.

“We’re doing our little twirls … minding our own business. Here we are, and then this guy comes up to me and he’s like ‘you guy need to stop with your whatever stuff’ and I think he called me like the F-word,” Beau continued, with Janelle confirming that the man had called him that.

“And He got in my face and you’re like, ‘No, no, no, no, get out of his face!'” Beau relayed before they got to the assault that they claim occurred at the bar.

“Beau he took you by the throat,” Janelle added.

“He like pushed me. He grabbed me by the throat,” Beau stated.

“He took you by the throat and he threw you up against the wall, and was holding you. So I jumped on the guy’s back and I started punching him in the head and I grabbed his eyes to blind him,” Janelle said as she showed with her hands what was going on.

Below is the snippet from the video that covers the bar incident in particular, with Janelle and Beau telling the story with a lot of animation.

Janelle and Beau said that they were allowed to stay and that the guys were removed, but that the guys were then waiting outside, leading to their opinion that they needed to get out of that area of Napa Valley.

Big Brother and beyond

A lot of interesting news has come out from people in the world of Big Brother this month.

Da’Vonne Rogers just revealed that she is going to appear on The Bold and the Beautiful. But before that, Big Brother 5 runner-up Michael Ellis is going to star in an episode of Catfish.

Diane Henry, also from Big Brother 5, just gave birth and shared some really cute photos of her daughter online.

And as for what comes next from the show itself, we are in a waiting pattern until the season premiere of Big Brother 23 arrives.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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