Jade Roper explains why she preferred Bachelor in Paradise over The Bachelor

Jad Roper compares Bachelor In Paradise and The Bachelor experiences.
Jade reflects on her reality TV stints while giving advice to potential new participants. Pic credit: @JadeRoperTolbert/Instagram

Jade Roper has explained why she preferred Bachelor in Paradise over The Bachelor, and it’s not for the reason fans expect.

There’s no question that Jade and her husband Tanner Tolbert are one of the few Bachelor Nation success stories. They met on BIP Season 2 in 2015 and are still going strong today. Only a handful of couples from the series remain together.

Yes, Tanner and Jade are the poster couple for the hit ABC show. However, Jade has other reasons for preferring her time on Bachelor In Paradise over The Bachelor.

Why did Jade like Bachelor In Paradise more than The Bachelor?

Bachelor Nation first met Jade on Season 19 of The Bachelor. She was one of several ladies fighting to win Chris Soules’ heart. Jade made it to the final four.

It turns out Chris setting her free was the best thing to happen to Jade. The single lady appeared on Bachelor In Paradise that summer, and her life changed forever.

As for why she prefers BIP over The Bachelor, it’s simple — quality time together.

“I loved Paradise because of the quality time you got with people. I spent more time with Tanner in two days than I did with Chris Soules in seven weeks, you know?” Jade declared in an interview with Us Weekly.

After all, instead of 25 people vying for one person’s attention, several people interact at once and get to spend as much time together as they feel like.

What advice would Jade give to future The Bachelor or Bachelor In Paradise contestants?

Jade admitted the two shows changed so much over the years. One significant difference is the way the cast interact with each other because of the success of BIP.

“It’s changed so much,” Jade expressed. “We were discouraged to meet each other or talk to each other before we went on the show because they wanted the onscreen time to be the first time anybody met, and they could see that. But nowadays, everyone hangs out with each other. It’s so different.”

Despite the change, there’s still one piece of advice that Jade would give to future contestants, enjoy it.

“I would just say enjoy it and have the good conversations because you get that time,” she shared.

Jade Roper certainly took advantage of her time on Bachelor In Paradise. It’s the reason she prefers the show over The Bachelor.

Six years later, she and Tanner Tolbert are happily married with three children, all under the age of 4. Life’s crazy, but that’s exactly how the couple likes it.

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