Jade Roper reveals she struggled with depression after Bachelor fan triggers her with private message

Jade Roper
Jade Roper reveals she struggled with depression. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor In Paradise star Jade Roper may give off the vibe that she has everything under control.

The wife and mother of three just welcomed her third child.

On social media, it’s all about pretty and staged pictures and fans have grown accustomed to a certain feel or style of content.

Apparently, Jade has changed her way of doing content online and fans have noticed.

As it turns out, one person isn’t happy about Jade’s way of posting on social media, resulting in a private message.

Jade Roper gets honest about depression

Jade opened up about the message on social media revealing that she does struggle with what to share online. She also explained that someone had messaged her that they were going to unfollow her.

Why? Because Jade was supposedly complaining about motherhood since her son Reed was born and that she needed to go back to the way she was when she was just a mom of two.

“Some days I really struggle with what content to share on here. Someone messaged me yesterday saying that they were going to unfollow me because of all my complaining about motherhood since Reed was born, and that I need to be the person I was when it was just Emmy and Brooks,” Jade wrote on social media.

That’s when Jade dropped a bomb.

“Fact is, I was fighting a dark depression for the first 6 month after Brooks was born and no one would have known it. And fact is, I’m not that perceived person they spoke of anymore. Each birth also births a new mother, a new born version of ourselves we are getting to know as well. I’m fumbling through, learning as I go and leaning in as I get to know my baby and the new versions of my children and husband as they evolve and adapt and grow as well,” Jade continued.

Jade explained that at times, she was hanging on by a thread. She also reveals that while she would wake up at 7 am and be grateful to have three kids, she could be crying and be overwhelmed by 8 am.

She also explained that she will continue to post photos of her greasy hair and overwhelm if she feels like it. Jade doesn’t want the pressure to be perfect all the time.

“I can’t be a highlight reel. Pretty days, awful days and days in between simply exist. If you continue to follow me, I hope it gives you a big deep breath of air, one that exhales all the way out of your chest. That breath that speaks permission you are okay to be here, just the way you are in this moment, no judgment, just simply being,” Jane concluded.

You can see her post below.


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Jade Roper shares a lot of her life online with her fans

Jade is kind enough to share her life with fans so they have to accept what she chooses to share.

Other than her online content, Jade and her husband Tanner don’t really make headlines in the media. However, they did make headlines in 2020.

In January 2020, Jade and Tanner made headlines for reportedly winning $1 million in a Fantasy Football game. However, the winnings were withheld after an investigation that showed the two had broken the rules.

In May 2020, we revealed that Jade and Tanner were expecting their third child.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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