Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert are expecting their third child nine months after their dramatic birth

Jade and Tanner
Jade and Tanner are expecting again. Pic credit: @jadelizroper/Instagram

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert shared exciting news over the weekend. The couple is expecting again.

The Bachelor In Paradise couple already have two children, but they are excited about adding a third to the family.

The pair got engaged on the second season of Bachelor In Paradise, during which they had grown close and enjoyed their time together in Mexico.

A few years later, they got married on the beach where they met. Shortly after, they welcomed a daughter.

They added a son to their family last year and thought they were done having kids, but that’s not how it turned out.

Jade Roper admits that the pregnancy was an accident

During an Instagram Q&A, Jade and Tanner discussed this new pregnancy and shared that they were thrilled with the news. However, when fans asked whether this pregnancy was planned, they revealed that it wasn’t.

Jade added that while this pregnancy was unintentional, it is a welcome surprise. Even though they thought they were done having kids after two, Tanner said that he could see himself with more than three. Jade chimed in, saying that three children would be enough.

Jade also revealed that she’s about 13 weeks along at the moment and they do not know the sex of the baby. When asked whether they planned to find out, Tanner said that he had no problem waiting until the birth to learn what they were having.

The couple made a poll on Instagram asking fans to chime in about sharing what they were having. As it turns out, Jade had genetic testing done and revealed that she had the results with the baby’s sex right in her email inbox.

Jade Roper gave birth in her closet with her second child

It was only nine months ago that Jade suddenly went into labor in her bedroom closet. Her labor progressed so quickly that they didn’t make it to the hospital and she ended up giving birth in the closet.

Paramedics arrived and she was hospitalized for a few days, but mom and baby ended up healthy and happy. The couple added in their Instagram chat that they would be packing their bags early and planned on not giving birth in their closet this time.

Recently, Tanner has made headlines by discussing Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. He thinks that Peter was too indecisive and wanted to please everyone, which resulted in a bad situation for him. Peter has been labeled one of the worst Bachelors to have filmed the show.

Jade also made headlines in January after she tweeted that she had won $1 million in Fantasy Football. After a brief investigation, it was announced that the couple would not receive the money.

Bachelor In Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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