Jacob admits he wasn’t instantly attracted to Haley, but says ‘she started to grow on me’

MAFS star Jacob says he wasn't attracted to wife Haley when they first met
Jacob admits he was not initially attracted to Haley. Pic credit:Lifetime

Well, things have certainly taken an interesting turn between Married at First Sight couple Jacob and Haley.

Things started off very slow between the couple after meeting for the first time on their wedding day. However, unlike some of the other couples who managed to form a bond over time, the opposite can be said for Jacob and Haley.

With each passing week, the duo appears to be growing further and further apart. And one very obvious glitch in the marriage is Haley’s lack of attraction to her husband.

We’ve all been focused on Haley’s lack of attraction to Jacob, because well, she’s voiced it several times over the past few weeks.

But in a strange twist of events, we just found out that it wasn’t exactly love at first sight for Jacob either.

Jacob says he wasn’t initially attracted to Haley

Jacob was a guest on Married at First Sight Unfiltered and he spilled some interesting tea.

The 38-year-old noted that when he first met his wife, he wasn’t instantly attracted to her.

“It wasn’t like a natural attraction right out the gate,” confessed Jacob. “But she started to grow on me, you know, in Vegas a little bit– but then obviously we kind of had a little bit of a falling out.”

The MAFS star was referring to an uncomfortable argument that he had with Haley after their honeymoon in Vegas. And the couple later had a sit down with Dr. Viviana Coles to discuss their issues.

During her appearance on Married at First Sight Unfiltered the expert dished about the “super tense” chemistry between Haley and Jacob during their session.

“It was super tense,” said Dr. Viviana. “I was kind of taken aback by the walls that were up.”

“I was really hopeful that our day was gonna be very, like, proactive and let’s do this. And that’s why I came in like guns blazing so when there was that awkward look that she tends to get when she’s uncomfortable, I was like ‘oh, I don’t know where this is gonna go.'”

Can Jacob’s issues with Haley be resolved?

Jacob continued to divulge his relationship issues on Married at First Sight Unfiltered. And it remains to be seen if Haley and Jacob will be able to fix things and actually have a successful marriage.

After their chat with Dr. Viviana, the IT analyst admitted that he still doesn’t know what will happen with his marriage.

“You hope that this is actually gonna result in some sort of a change of behavior and maybe help with the connection,” admitted Jacob.

“But, you know I did have those same kinds of hopes after our Pastor Cal meeting which didn’t really change much,” continued the MAFS star. ” I guess we’ll have to see, you know, play it by ear.”

Do you think Jacob and Haley can eventually spark a connection?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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sandy douglas
sandy douglas
3 years ago

Jacob certainly deserves something better then Haley. We find her a arrogant, stuck-up girl who no doubt won’t find anyone who will put up with her. Obviously she hasn’t yet!!