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Is Yazan faking for Reality TV? Brittany says he doesn’t ‘value’ his family and religion

Yazan and Brittany were introduced as a couple on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

Brittany Banks originally invited her friend Angela to Jordan to meet her potential future husband. After getting into an argument with Yazan on the way to the airport, Brittany decided she wasn’t going to see him, and instead it was going to be a girl’s trip.

While Yazan’s temper has gone off once on Brittany due to alcohol, she decided to call him anyways while tipsy on her “girl’s trip” in Jordan during the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Fans criticized Brittany, as it seemed like even her friend Angela respected the culture more than she did.

From her sexy pictures to her activity on social media, Yazan’s family has judged her harshly for not conforming to his culture.

Yazan is giving up his family for her

Brittany didn’t know how heavy the issues were with his family and the couple sought the help of a translator.

Yazan feels that due to his poor English, that she’s not understanding the full extent of the situation.

After hearing Yazan’s translated words, she finally understood the extent of the sacrifices he’s making to be with her.

Brittany found out that Yazan not only got kicked out of his home, but his parents are threatening to disown him.

She said he’s not as committed to his culture as he portrays himself

In an interview with ET, Brittany defended herself against what fans are calling a toxic relationship.

Yazan isn’t as committed to his religion as he makes it seem. In fact, according to Brittany, he wants out of his conservative lifestyle.

While his family is pressuring her to change, she thinks that Yazan ultimately wants to live a westernized lifestyle with her.

If it wasn’t for the outside forces, the relationship would work. She feels he wants a life with Brittany, but he has a lot of pressure from his family.

In the interview, she revealed, “We’re the best of friends, after all this religion stuff, this culture stuff, all the pressures that family and friends put on him. If he didn’t have that he would be a totally different person. Like, he hid that stuff, and that’s what people don’t see.”

Instead of teaching her about Islam, she had to take it upon herself to learn about her future husband’s religion.

“The first two trips there, he had no interest in teaching me about Islam, so it was just, like, I did a lot that you guys don’t know about, so, don’t be so quick to judge,” she went on.

She also admitted that watching the show with Yazan brings up the old heated arguments all over again.

While Brittany and Yazan have already gotten into screaming matches this season, she still hasn’t admitted to him that it was only recently that she filed for divorce. 

Do you think this 90 Day Fiance couple will actually tie the knot?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 9/8c on TLC.

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  1. SHE thinks Yazan is faking? She is one of the biggest fakes in 90 Day history, and a Witch with a capital B too! She no more cares about Yazan than she does some tree out in the yard and is the most self-centered clown we have seen! NO ONE likes this nasty person!


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