Is Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino off the market? Latest post has fans buzzing

Vinny Guadagnino on Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans wonder if Vinny Guadagnino has finally found love. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino has been looking for love through three seasons of Double Shot at Love.

He’s remained the only single member of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast for quite some time now as his sidekick and best friend Pauly DelVecchio recently found love with their Double Shot at Love costar Nikki Hall.

The dating show process was successful for Pauly and Nikki and fans have been hopeful that Vinny could have the same outcome in another season focused solely on him.

While Season 3 of Double Shot at Love is currently airing, filming wrapped up months ago, leaving many wondering about the outcome.

As Vinny vacations with the rest of the cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, a recent photo of the group had fans buzzing about whether Vinny had found love on the show or whether he remained single.

Is Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino off the market?

The group photo of the cast was shared on social media and Reddit users started analyzing it to determine whether Vinny was hiding a significant other while away with the group.

In the photo, everyone was cozied up with their loved ones with the exception of Vinny and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi who’s husband Jionni LaValle chose not to film.

The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Pic credit: @prxcxdxmz/Reddit

Reddit users were quick to notice how uncomfortable and out of place Vinny seemed and started wondering whether his latest stint on Double Shot at Love was successful.

One commenter joked that Vinny looked so miserable that he looked like he was “2 seconds from jumping over the railing.”

A Reddit user jokes about Vinny's discomfort in the photo.
A Reddit user jokes about Vinny’s discomfort in the photo. Pic credit: @aurora_clara/Reddit

Another fan felt sorry for Vinny as he continues to look for love as a separate person thought he didn’t seem to enjoy filming the show.

Users comment on Vinny's appearance in the photo.
Users comment on Vinny’s appearance in the photo. Pic credit: @high-hungry-horny/@BretMichaelsWig/Reddit

When one person assumed that Vinny was unsuccessful in his recent search for love, another pointed out that it would probably be too soon to take a new girlfriend along for the trip.

Fans wonder if Vinny found love.
Fans wonder if Vinny found love. Pic credit: @thecjg98/@FiddyB_/Reddit

A third user chimed in and reminded everyone that Vinny probably “wouldn’t be allowed” to reveal who he ended up with until the show was done airing.

A follower chimes in on Vinny's relationship status.
A follower chimes in on Vinny’s relationship status. Pic credit: @dawl_/Reddit

Vinny Guadagnino continues to live by his own rules

As his fans impatiently await the outcome of his latest attempt to find love, Vinny continues to live his life the way he wants to without any care about others’ opinions.

That became apparent when he posed in a photo wearing new shoes. The shoes were eccentric and several of his followers commented on his “hideous” fashion choice.

Vinny seemed unphased as he has even continued to wear them while on vacation.

As Double Shot at Love continues to air, eager viewers will have to remain patient to see if Vinny has finally found the love of his life.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus on MTV.

All episodes of Jersey Shore are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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