Vinny Guadagnino shows off new shoes, Jersey Shore fans react to ‘hideous’ style choice

Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Vinny Guadagnino got fans talking about his new style choice. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Vinny Guadagnino tends to do his own thing regardless of what the critics say and that’s clear in his latest style choice.

As the only cast member who remains single, it would make sense for Vinny to want to look his best to attract the right woman.

He often posts photos of himself on social media where he shows off his physique or latest outfit.

His most recent shoe purchase, however, shows that he may prefer to stand out as being different instead of worrying about attracting the right person.

Vinny shared a post of the new shoes he was wearing and let’s just say the look was not received well by his followers.

He must have known that he’d received mixed reviews on the look as he teased himself with the caption, “what are thoseeee ?,”

Fans were quick to flock to the comment section and share their opinions.

Jersey Shore fans react to Vinny Guadagnino’s ‘hideous’ shoes

Vinny’s followers couldn’t help but comment on his new look.

Several people simply commented with the puking emoji, while others let him know that the shoes were “hideous.”

A fan thinks the shoes are "hideous."
A fan thinks the shoes are “hideous.” Pic credit: @vinnyguadagno/Instagram

Some critics questioned why Vinny would even purchase shoes that looked like that.

Critics wonder why Vinny would wear shoes like that.
Critics wonder why Vinny would wear shoes like that. Pic credit: @vinnyguadagno/Instagram

One follower went as far as saying they were the “ugliest shoes” she’d ever seen.

One follower said they were the "ugliest" shoes she'd ever seen.
One follower said they were the “ugliest” shoes she’d ever seen. Pic credit: @vinnyguadagno/Instagram

Vinny seemed unbothered by all of the harsh criticism and judgment as he didn’t respond to any of the hate.

Vinny Guadagnino continues to look for love

As Vinny experiments with different fashion trends, he’s also still looking to find the love of his life.

Double Shot at Love Season 3 is currently airing as Vinny continues his search to find his soulmate.

He’s receiving some help from his best friend Pauly DelVecchio and his girlfriend Nikki Hall. Pauly and Nikki were able to find love through the show and they’re hoping to help Vinny do the same.

It’s unknown at this time if Vinny was able to do just that as the season continues to play out but he hasn’t dropped any hints or spoilers on his social media so far.

While many of his Jersey Shore Family Vacation costars dressed up in coordinated outfits with their significant others and children on Halloween, Vinny was jet-setting to Miami, Florida.

He shared a photo on his Instagram story showing his view from the window of an airplane.

Vinny flies to Miami on Halloween.
Vinny flies to Miami on Halloween. Pic credit: @vinnyguadagnino/Instagram

He captioned the post letting everyone know that he was traveling to Miami but wasn’t going to stay there.

Other Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast members also showed videos while traveling, leading fans to believe that they may have started filming the new season.

An air date has yet to be announced for the new season, so fans can continue to keep up with Vinny and his questionable fashion choices by following him on social media.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus on MTV.

All episodes of Jersey Shore are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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