Is it time for Sister Wives to stop filming? Fans think so

The Brown Family of Sister Wives
Is it time for the Browns to hang up filming Sister Wives? Pic credit: TLC

The Browns have been sharing their lives with viewers on Sister Wives for over a decade, but viewers think it’s time for the polygamists to end filming.

This year, Sister Wives debuted its 15th season, in what was arguably the Browns’ most disengaged season to date.

Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, faced separation issues caused by years of discord, which were exacerbated by the pandemic.

The plural family’s lack of harmony was magnified this season, and viewers got a look at just how separate they are living, despite once being such a close-knit family.

When viewers first met Kody Brown, his four wives, and 18 kids, the family lived in Lehi, Utah, under one roof. The Browns’ portrayal of polygamy was intended to be a positive one, and they seemed to achieve that, for the most part.

But, as seasons continued, the family seemingly fell apart. After moving from Utah to Nevada, then again from Nevada to Arizona, the Browns never seemed settled.

Is it time for Sister Wives to stop filming?

Now, fans of the show are saying that it might be time for the supersized family to call it quits when it comes to filming the show.

One Sister Wives viewer created a thread on Reddit titled “Jumping ship” and told other followers of the show, “After this last season I’m not going to be watching sister wives anymore. I feel like I am contributing to the wives staying in the marriage for the show and I want them all to leave.”

Sister Wives on Reddit
One Reddit user is “jumping ship” when it comes to watching Sister Wives. Pic credit: u/wrb0823/Reddit

Other Sister Wives viewers spoke up, and many agreed that they won’t be watching, or that the show needs to stop production.

“I hope they cancel. Kody is awful I think Christine wants to be in Utah with her other kids and grandkids. I think the show is keeping them there,” wrote one Sister Wives fan.

Sister Wives on Reddit
Fans hoped they cancel the show. Pic credit: u/wrb0823/Reddit

Sister Wives fans said the storyline has changed

Another follower commented and said that the show needs to end, citing how much it’s changed its storyline and the family being “disjointed.”

They wrote, “Agreed that each of the relationships are probably complicated. However, I think the show itself needs to end because it’s just not what it was in prior years. The family is completely disjointed now and it’s boring at times and even difficult to watch.”

They continued, “It’s called “Sister Wives”, but they haven’t acted like it the past few years. No one seems happy at all and the point of polygamy is the togetherness and one family, but they’re not even remotely together and the show is about 4 different families now. Just my opinion though. ?”

Sister Wives on Reddit
Is it time for the show to end? Pic credit: u/wrb0823/Reddit

Fans of the show have also stated that the direction of the show has deviated from what the Browns set out to do in the first season.

Some fans suggested a spinoff of the show, following the lives of the Browns’ adult children. Perhaps a bit of a change in the cast and storylines is just what the show needs to revive its viewership.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.