Sister Wives fans think the Brown family achieved the opposite of what they set out to do with their show

Kody Brown and his four wives from Sister Wives
Kody Brown and his four wives set out to educate viewers about polygamy, but did it backfire? Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, set out to educate viewers about the pros of polygamy, but fans think they may have done just the opposite.

When audiences first met the Browns in September 2010, the show documented Kody Brown, his four wives, and their 18 children, and how they functioned as a polygamist family living in Utah.

Sister Wives aimed to bring awareness to polygamy

Kody and his wives have stated that the goal of airing their private lives on TV was to “make the public more aware of polygamist families and to combat societal prejudices.”

While the family was living in Lehi, Utah during the first season, polygamy was still a felony in the state. It’s since been decriminalized.

The Browns initially shined a positive light on polygamy, and seemed to prove to their viewers that plural marriage could actually work.

Viewers were pleasantly surprised to find that the Browns’ 18 children seemed relatively well-adjusted. And their family seemed to function like many others, except there were multiple wives/mothers, making for a mega-sized family.

Sister Wives has changed as the Browns have grown apart

Over the years, viewers have watched the Browns slowly dissolve as one, functional family and grow apart as four, separate families. And Kody’s marriages to each of his wives seemed to dwindle as well.

This season, Kody hinted that he was fed up with living a polygamous lifestyle and viewers watched as his relationships with his wives fell apart.

Kody and Meri admitted they haven’t been a romantic couple for years. Tensions rose when Meri attempted to flirt with Kody, only to have her advances rejected on national television.

Christine revealed that she and Kody have had a “rough” relationship, which started when she adamantly shot down his idea for the family to live in one home.

Janelle, who typically stays out of any type of drama, even argued with Kody this season. The two disagreed over parenting decisions and how to quarantine during the pandemic.

Many Sister Wives fans feel that Kody and Robyn are living monogamously. Instead of touting their plural marriage lifestyle, it seems that Kody and Robyn have settled down together, proving many fans right who felt that Robyn was trying to become Kody’s sole wife.

Fans of the show have taken notice of how the direction of the show has changed and think the Browns may not have achieved what they set out to do.

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to discuss the changes on the show compared to early episodes

Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans pointed out how much the show has changed. Pic credit: u/witchybrie/Reddit

One fan of the show started a thread on Reddit titled, “They’ve changed so much,” and told other fans of the show, “I watched all of the seasons a month or two ago. Tonight I re-started the series and it’s INSANE how much they’ve all changed.”

They added, “They all became…miserable? I know it’s all scripted but man, what a contrast between the last episode and the first one ?”

Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans think the show has changed over the years. Pic credit: u/witchybrie/Reddit

One fan noted how much Kody’s thoughts on polygamy have changed since the start of the show.

“Funny how they wanted the show to be about having society accepting polygamy and in the end, they all seem to hate it, most especially Kody,” the fan wrote.

Another fan of the show agreed and wrote, “Right?! Season one and season fifteen could be two different shows.”

Fans of the show recently suggested a spinoff show, following the lives of the Browns’ adult kids. Perhaps changing things up would be just what Sister Wives fans need.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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Gerri Lytle
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