Here’s why fans think Nate Mitchell is going to be the next Bachelor

Nate Mitchell
Will Nate Mitchell be the next Bachelor? Pic credit: ABC

When Nate Mitchell first appeared on this season of The Bachelorette, it was clear to fans that he wanted to get to know Gabby Windey.

After fans saw how sweet and genuine the girl-dad seemed, getting emotional during their one-on-one time about his little girl back at home, they fell in love with Nate.

America’s love for Nate grew even more after Nate revealed to Gabby, in front of Rachel, and all of the men, the little things he noticed about Gabby daily.

It was then Bachelor Nation realized that this guy might be the one they were rooting for when it came to Gabby’s final pick on her journey.

However, recent allegations were brought forward and confirmed by Reality Steve that Nate supposedly dated two women at one time. He apparently was dating one of the women for 1.5 years and never told her he had a child.

Bachelor Nation is confused, hurt, and heartbroken if all of this is true. However, Bachelor franchise creator, Mike Fleiss, isn’t quite sure about these allegations.

Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss makes fans wonder if Nate Mitchell will be the next leading man

After all of the drama that has come out about Nate from Reality Steve and the women Nate allegedly cheated on and wasn’t truthful with, Mike Fleiss weighed in.

In fact, he took to his Twitter account, and while he didn’t call Nate out by name, Bachelor Nation felt like it was clear who he was speaking about.

Mike tweeted first, “Don’t jump to conclusions about certain cast members based on mere allegations, as disturbing as they may be. I beg you to wait until all the facts come out before making any judgments. #TheBachelorette.”

Mike Fleiss tells fans not to jump to conclusions about Nate.
Pic credit: @fleissmeister/Twitter

After seeing this, viewers had some things to say. One fan wrote, “Tell us you are planning to make Nate the bachelor without telling us you are planning to make Nate the bachelor.”

Another claimed, “Aww you wanted Nate for bachelor too… we are all disappointed.”

Fans think Mike Fleiss still wants Nate as The Bachelor.
Pic credit: @fleissmeister/Twitter

Yet another woman posted, “Sounds like you were ready to make him the bachelor and now you can’t with all that has come out about him. Hence the next tweet ‘who should be our next bachelor.’”

Fans wonder if Nate will be in hte running still now.
Pic credit: @fleissmeister/Twitter

Mike Fleiss asked Bachelor Nation again who the next Bachelor should be

Immediately after that tweet, Mike followed it up with, “Ok, so who should we pick as your next #TheBachelor???”

Mike Fleiss asks who the next 
Bachelor should be.
Pic credit: @fleissmeister/Twitter

While some fans threw out names like Aven, Tino, Zach, and Jason from this season, pending they aren’t the last one standing with either Rachel or Gabby, others want a throwback Bachelor like Mike Johnson or Tyler Cameron.

However, even with the allegations against Nate, there were viewers who still want to see him as the next leading man.

While two shouted out Nate’s name and said they would love to see him as the next Bachelor, another exclaimed, “Nate is getting the bachelor edit and I bet that’s who they wanted as the next bachelor!”

Quite a few fans still want Nate as The Bachelor.
Pic credit: @fleissmeister/Twitter

It seems like maybe Mike and production were leaning toward Nate as their next guy; however, it also might depend on how this whole story with Nate’s past shakes out now.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

I hope Nate Mitchell gets to read this comment. I am not a young woman anymore I will soon be 58 and feel through my life’s experiences My opinion may hold more weight; hopefully. I find Nate Mitchell to be an amazing “man”, he has a mindset I wish more men could develop earlier. He displayed qualities of such high value every man should seriously try to truly comprehend his words, opinions and mannerisms. I wish Gabby knew her value. I wish Gabby could have realized the relationship she has with her grandfather and father is a tell tale of the kind of relationship she would develop with any children she would be blessed to be a mother to. Her pain is so deep from her need for her mother to have expressed approval and love in her life, and it’s so painful that she didn’t connect the love she wants both with her mom and in a healthy relationship- She would have flourished with Nate Mitchell and his daughter would have filled that deep hole of pain with so much love and happiness. I love the way Nate would kiss Gabby – he is so genuine and kind. He is so selfless and incredibly intelligent. I am sorry there are mean spirited people that will say negative things and sorry he has to defend himself, but he doesn’t need to. The people that will matter in the end will see his worth and give him the respect and love he deserves as a real “man” which In my opinion Nate is.