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Here is where to find Amira’s new man, Camel Ventura, on Instagram – and everything else you need to know about him

Camel Ventura and Amira from 90 Day Fiance
Amira’s new man is active on social media. Pic credit: TLC and @camelventuraofficical/Instagram

Amira dropped a bomb on the 90 Day Fiancé cast at Part 2 of the Tell All when she said that she is in a relationship with “Mr. Right,” who is also American.

You can find the new ‘love of Amira’s life’ on Instagram @camelventuraofficial, where Amira and several other 90 Day Fiancé fan accounts follow him.

Camel Ventura has been posting screenshots of video chats between the two of them for a while, which fans caught on to while the season was airing. However, the first time Amira publicly addressed that she was seeing someone special was on the Tell All.

Some people speculated that Camel would appear at the Tell All, but Amira never even mentioned him by name during the final show.

Fans, and Andrew, are curious to know more about this mysterious American man who has won Amira’s heart in the wake of her messy and public breakup from her relationship with Andrew.

Who is Camel Ventura?

Camel has a strange and obscure Instagram bio that leaves much to be wondered about the man who is with the stunning Amira. Camel has claimed to be Pacific Islander and has roots in LA, Nevada, and Idaho.

He seems to be a DJ and a promoter for an app called Kumu, a Filipino community platform where you can get paid by becoming a live streamer, win cash prizes by playing live games and making money by participating in various promotions run on Kumu.

When they don’t feature screenshots of Amira or selfie videos, most of his Instagram stories are of how he spends his time on the Kumu app.

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Other things to note about him are that he uses weird fonts in his photo captions, that he plugs the hashtag #LoyaltyOverRoyalty, and he loves his pit bull.

Will Amira start showing Camel on social media?

As far as anyone on the internet can tell, Amira has never actually met Camel in person, which means she has begun another relationship through meeting on the internet.

While she has not posted anything to her own profile or story about her relationship with Camel, he comments on her photos.

After revealing that she is in a relationship but did not disclose who, fans are anxiously anticipating a post highlighting Camel since Amira is so active on social media.

90 Day Fiancé is currently on hiatus.

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