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Has Captain Lee Rosbach ended a Below Deck charter early?

Below Deck: Did Captain Lee Rosbach end a charter early?
Captain Lee has no problems ended a charter early if he thinks the crew and safety of the yacht are in jeopardy. Pic credit: Bravo

After the recent drama with drunk Delores played out on the hit Bravo show, fans have been wondering if Captain Lee Rosbach has ever ended a Below Deck charter early.

The recent group of charter guests got off to a rocky start thanks to their first day filled with nothing but drinking shenanigans. Although the entire group was pretty tipsy, it was Delores that nearly cost the guests their charter.

Delores was drunk and out of control for sure. She crossed a line with her late-night swim, ignoring direction, and talking back to Captain Lee. The captain told the primary guests the charter was done thanks to Delores’ actions.

However,  the next day Captain Lee decided to give the primary guests a choice. The group could stay and follow the rules, but Delores had to leave. During the Below Deck After Show, the captain laughed at how quickly the guests chose to stay and kick their friend to the curb.

The charter continued, but it did get social media buzzing about whether or not the stud of the sea had ever returned to dock mid-charter.

Has Captain Lee ended a charter early?

Yes, Captain Lee has ended a Below Deck charter early. Die-hard fans know the series was launched with a bang that included Captain Lee ending the first charter after less than a day.

Second stew Kat Held found drugs in a guest cabin, which prompted the captain to immediately cut the charter short. Captain Lee didn’t even tell the guests the charter was done at first. He simply said the superyacht had to return to the dock.

Once the yacht was secured, Captain Lee told the guests about the drugs and informed them their trip was finished. They hold the record for shortest charter in the Below Deck franchise. The guests were on board the superyacht for only 22 hours.

Delores was a first for Captain Lee

There was a first for Captain Lee when it came to dealing with Delores, his anger. The captain has never unloaded on a guest like that on or off-screen.

Bosun Eddie Lucas was there for the only charter Captain Lee ended early and the fallout of Delores drunken antics. Eddie vouched for Captain Lee’s anger level as a first on a Watch What Happens Live appearance.

“No, it’s hard to really imagine a time he’s been that angry. But, I mean, if you remember back to Season 1, he did cancel the charter halfway through, and he was pretty pissed off then,” the bosun stated. “But I think this time was worse because it was just such a slap in the face right in Captain’s face, just like, ‘I’m not gonna listen to you at all.’ This, he was really pissed.”

Delores certainly brought a lot of drama and excitement to the My Seanna crew. She will no doubt go down in Below Deck history as one of the most memorable guests ever.

Captain Lee Rosbach did not end her friend’s charter just because of Delores’s lousy behavior, but he has ended a charter early in the past, and won’t hesitate to do it again if necessary.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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