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Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail exclusive: A pool of gold awaits Parker Schnabel

On the new exciting episode of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, we see Australia is still being very very good to Parker.

Last week, he was picking up gold like a fiend in a panning session, and before that, he was holding up gold nuggets as big as pieces of fruit.

The wheels are turning and we can see why Parker Schnabel may be considering moving his base of operations from the Yukon to to the land down under.

The series is a continuation of Parker Schnabel’s bid to expand his mining empire.

Over the past three years, Parker’s mining adventures have taken him to Papua, New Guinea, and into Guyana, where his former foreman, Rick Ness, was part of the group.

What happens on Parker’s Trail?

In our exclusive clip, we see Parker suited up for underwater exploration with Tyler Mahoney, a native to Australia who is showing Parker that this geothermal pool shooting water up from the deep carries with it some gold.

The pressure and the mineral-rich water yield many crevices and cracks that we can see in the exclusive preview. They also hold chunks of gold. The light streaming through the water lights them up and it’s exciting to see.

Tyler’s pool of gold is a place that visibly delights Parker. He locks in and sees exactly what she is trying to share with him. Through this entire series, he has been beaming at the gold finds and the lack of normal mining stress he deals with back in the Yukon.

They use a device that sucks up smaller gold nuggets out of the crevices with some simple suction.

Parker Schnabel
Parker after he comes up from seeing where the gold is sticking in the crevices underwater. Pic credit: Discovery

In the end, Parker is all smiles and continues to be amazed at the ease of pulling gold out of the ground in Australia, a far cry from what he has to do in the cold permafrost mining spots he’s used to.

Who works with Parker?

Parker will get his hands dirty prospecting mines. His team will travel 6,000 total miles across Australia – following the historic gold rush trail that began back in 1851.

Parker in action
Parker is definitely thinking about dividing his empire between Australia and the Yukon. Pic credit: Discovery

This year, Parker has hired 24-year-old gold miner and prospecting expert Tyler Mahoney — a fourth-generation Australian gold miner.

This female miner has skills that include her ability to navigate the country’s vast goldfields and read the ground.

Rounding out the team will be Danny Etheridge, the cameraman and close friend of Parker’s.

And back again is Fred Lewis. Special Forces Medic Fred Lewis has the military and medical experience to keep the team alive.

In addition to watching the series on Discovery, viewers will have the opportunity to win actual gold this season in a treasure hunt. Follow Discovery on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates on this hunt and the show.

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Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery.