Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail exclusive: Parker blows up a rich vein of gold underground

On tonight’s gold-filled episode of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, Australia, once again, delights our Yukon veteran of all things mining. He would be crazy not to expand his mining company empire to Australia permanently and become an international enterprise. Our exclusive clip shows exactly how dangerous underground mining can be. The experienced Australian mining crew


Exclusive: It’s raining gold nuggets on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail

On tonight’s edition of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, it’s raining gold nuggets in the humid and densely forested mountains of Papua New Guinea! Monsters’ and Critics’ exclusive clip shows emotional scenes as Parker and his team help villagers uncover lump after lump of the precious metal. Sam Brown, the British photographer now on his third


Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail exclusive: Parker finds gold nuggets in New Guinea

The lure of finding gold in an exotic locale continues Friday on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Parker Schnabel has left behind the Yukon, as well as the frozen muck and daily beef with his pal Tony Beets for Papua, New Guinea, where gold mining is a dangerous affair. Machete deaths and other skirmishes are in