Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail exclusive: Purest coarsest gold and gold nuggets you will ever see

Parker in action
Parker is definitely thinking about dividing his empire between Australia and the Yukon. Pic credit: Discovery

On Friday’s edition of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, the insane legendary gold of Australia is yielding tons of shiny ore, and the level of purity is off the hook.

In fact, it’s so good you might want to consider going into the gold mining business down under.

The continent is rumored to have the most abundant and most pure gold on the planet, and compared to the harsh climates and dangerous political situations of the Yukon and Papua, New Guinea, this place seems like heaven to mine.

Joining Parker in this adventure this season are Tyler Mahoney, returning veteran Fred Lewis and cameraman Daniel Etheridge. Tyler is similar to Parker in that she is from a mining family, hardworking, young, and single.

What happens on Parker’s Trail?

Curious about what he is about to find after the first run of pay dirt, Parker asks the old miners who are sifting through the gravel: “So is there much… like… really fine flour gold here?”

The old miner chortles over that one and looks at his mates who all seem to think it is amusing too. He says: “Nah, not much. We want the big pieces, we don’t worry about the fine stuff, we leave that for the old ladies!”

Properly shamed by the old-timers, Daniel Etheridge notes in the exclusive clip that Parker is very much after a piece of land that he can work when it’s too cold back in the Yukon, and it looks like this is an amazing bit of land. Australia is home to nuggets that can choke a crocodile, it seems, even larger.

As for the purity of the gold? He questions Tyler about their Oz gold. When he asks: “Ours [gold] is only like between 81 and 84 percent pure…”

She replies: “98% pure…”

He is shocked: “Wow…”

She adds: “It’s one of the purest golds in the world.”

Past Parker’s Trails

Parker Schnabel isn’t afraid of a challenge. Parker has taken us to the historic Chilkoot Trail of the Klondike Gold Rush and beyond. Over the past three years, Parker’s mining adventures have taken him to Papua, New Guinea, and into Guyana, where his former foreman Rick Ness was part of the group.

Watch the exclusive clip of Parker’s Trail

See the big reveal as the old-timer miners chuckle at the notion they get “gold flour” and say that is for the old ladies, and then the coarse gold and the gold nuggets appear like magic in the hand of the sluicer.

It’s fantastic footage, and you might be ready to get your passport in order.

In the clip, you see that moment of realization that Parker knew he had made an excellent decision to take his crew to Australia to mine.

And by the looks of it and what we have seen in the premiere, Parker might very well be creating an international mining company where he divides his time between the Yukon and Australia.

Watch as Parker beams while he gets a mixed bag of nuggets and coarse gold in this test run.

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail airs Friday at 8/7c on Discovery.

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Pasquale Italiano
Pasquale Italiano
4 years ago

When will it be shown on Australian TV