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Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail exclusive: Parker blows up a rich vein of gold underground

On tonight’s gold-filled episode of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, Australia, once again, delights our Yukon veteran of all things mining. He would be crazy not to expand his mining company empire to Australia permanently and become an international enterprise.

Our exclusive clip shows exactly how dangerous underground mining can be.

Parker Schnabel
Parker right after the explosion, will the vein of ore yield huge nuggets? Likely so! Pic credit: Discovery

The experienced Australian mining crew with Parker are snaking highly explosive material into drilled holes in a bid to break up the bedrock that holds a visible vein of gold ore, and the beauty of this is that you have no idea how much gold will come of this.

When they say a Eureka moment, that is precisely what Parker and his team are living for after already finding gold nuggets the size of a hoagie in this run of Gold Rush.

There’s a lot of gold in Australia, and not just gold flecks and dust, but big honking hunks of it. Pure, too — as we learned over the course of the series. Australia has some of the purest gold ore in the world. This is why Parker found himself Down Under.

And during this run of Gold Rush in Australia, we can see that Parker is working out dividing his life between the Yukon and Oz as his mining empire grows more lucrative by the day.

Where is Parker now?

Apparently, if his social media is accurate, he is back in the Yukon, preparing a new season of the mothership series Gold Rush. You can see below he is gearing up but keeping the exact location a secret:

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Let’s wash rocks

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Rich gold in the Aussie Outback

In past episodes, the evidence emerged, Australia was the place to be. When sluicing his test area, Parker said: “By comparison, we hope for a gram per three yards, so a third of a gram a yard. and that’s stripping ten feet of frozen mud off of the top…You guys do not have the stripping, and you do not have the permafrost.”

He added: “It’s [Australian pay dirt] extremely rich ground, the ground is amazing. In the Yukon, good ground is $20 a yard for us. We average about $15, and this is $40 with no stripping.”

Past Parker’s Trails

The beginning of the series saw Parker Schnabel follow the trails the old-timers and his own family had done up in the Klondike.

He has proven over and again that despite the location —sticky and humid or an icy cold freezing location — the heir to a mining family is not afraid of extreme weather to make his mark.

Parker has taken us to the historic Chilkoot Trail of the Klondike Gold Rush and beyond. Over the past three years, Parker’s mining adventures have taken him to Papua, New Guinea, and into Guyana, where his former foreman, Rick Ness, was part of the group.

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trails airs Fridays at 8 PM on Discovery.

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