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Geoffrey Paschel’s new girlfriend Mary scoffs at 90 Day Fiance fans calling her ‘second choice’ over Varya

Geoffrey and Varya on 90 Day Fiance before the 90 Days
Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina were a couple on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days already showed Geoffrey Paschel moving on to a new girlfriend after Varya Malina balked at his marriage proposal. It led to a lot of surprised fans when Geoffrey was with Mary so quickly.

On the show, Varya never really said no to Geoffrey, but he took it that way, accusing her of turning him down. What she had really done was to state that she couldn’t say yes “right now” when he asked.

Part of her problem was that he had just revealed his criminal past – something he had hidden from her during their entire relationship.

After Geoffrey returned to Tennessee, he ghosted Varya, refusing to speak with her after he had sulked his way back to the United States. It meant that she had no idea what he was doing with Mary.

Mary speaks out about the relationship with Geoffrey

It never seemed like things were resolved between Geoffrey and Varya on the show, but when producers showed new footage of Geoffrey, he was back home preparing for a date with Mary.

Earlier in the season, Mary alluded to having an interest in Geoffrey, and it appeared that she jumped at the chance to start a relationship with him. That led to some backlash from viewers – to which Mary has now responded.

A report by In Touch relayed what Mary told the site about how quickly she moved on with Geoffrey and what she has to say about the entire relationship.

“My self-esteem is well intact. Regardless, what people perceive me to be is their truth, not my own. We have been a part of each other’s lives for the better part of a decade.”

Mary went on to say that, “Implying this is Geoffrey’s decision alone is disparaging, or that we moved into a relationship in the matter of seconds, is further from the truth. From the time he came home, until we had dinner, was a span of three months.”

Varya shows up in Tennessee

At the end of the last episode of the show, Varya was shown making the long trip to Tennessee to try to reconnect with Geoffrey. According to Mary and Geoffrey, it had been months since he had spoken to Varya.

The next episode will show how that all plays out, as when Varya arrived at his house, Mary was there and it foreshadowed that a lot of drama could be coming up soon.

This is where viewers should get to see more of Mary on the show, especially because she might be more surprised than Geoffrey that Varya came knocking on the door.

What viewers would also like to learn more about, though, is if Geoffrey was fired from the show and why that might be.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

Ryan DeVault

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