Gary King talks importance of a trained crew after Below Deck Sailing Yacht boat crash

Gary King talks Below Deck Sailing Yacht boat crash.
Gary saved the day on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Pic credit: Bravo

Gary King is talking about the importance of a trained crew after the Below Deck Sailing Yacht boat crash.

The last episode had two crashes. One where Gary took charge and the other was used as a cliff-hanger at the end of the episode. It’s the moment that has been teased since the Season 2 trailer dropped earlier this year.

Yes, the sailing yacht had a challenging day with multiple dock crashes, and that’s before weather impacted the next charter.

Gary talks Below Deck Sailing Yacht boat crash

Captain Glenn Shephard praised Gary’s knowledge of the generator on the yacht. Since chief engineer Colin Macrae was off the boat, Gary stepped up to get the generator up and running so Parsifal III could have power.

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread, Gary explained the importance of having a well-trained crew on any yacht.

“I think this is general to yachts, but it’s very important to have properly trained crew in case an emergency situation happens people know what to do and how to act,” the first-mate stated.

Thanks to years of experience, paying attention, and learning, Gary knew what needed to be done to avoid disaster when unexpected situations arise on a yacht.

As fans know, sailing yachts are an entirely different beast than motor yachts. Although the elements wreak havoc on all yachts, the impact is much stronger on sailing vessels.

“With regards to sailing and being at the mercy of the elements, yes, this could add to the chances of accidents happening, especially to people/guests who are unfamiliar with sailing. I have worked on a motor yacht, but I enjoy sailing too much, so for me, it’s a job and a lifestyle,” Gary expressed.

Gary gets technical

Viewers were left confused regarding what caused Parsifal III to lose power. Gary happily gave fans some technical insight into how the yacht is powered.

“On a yacht that size, there is too much demand for power to run from batteries. So, we have a generator running constantly when maneuvering the boat in the marina or sometimes when Hoisting sails we would have 2 on,” he shared. “During mealtimes and busiest time of day laundry dryers, dishwashers and everything else running sometimes requires 2 gennys too.”

Gary also shared that generators are super quiet. Even when the yacht is sailing, guests get the sensation that the engines are off completely.

There’s no doubt Gary King’s knowledge of what to do with the generators saved the day. Although his technical explanation for the generators may be more than fans need to know, everyone can agree Gary knows his stuff.

Well, he at least knows his stuff when it comes to yachting. The first mate has a lot to learn when it comes to the ladies.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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