Gabi Elnicki gets real with her thoughts on Charity Lawson as the Bachelorette

Gabi Elnicki

Spring is here, and support for the newest Bachelorette is in the air.

Gabi Elnicki, the runner-up on the most recent season of The Bachelor, recently sat down to give her thoughts on Charity Lawson as the Season 20 lead of The Bachelorette.

Charity was formerly sent home by Zach Shallcross after the season’s hometown dates. However, she solidified herself as a Bachelor Nation favorite along the way.

Since Charity was announced as the Season 20 lead on the Women Tell All, many have shown excitement over her upcoming journey — including Gabi.

While appearing on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, Gabi dished on why she believes Charity will make a “great” Bachelorette.

She first noted how “hilarious” Charity is, hoping the reality show will air more of her personality during her season than it did during The Bachelor.

Gabi Elnicki gushes over Charity Lawson as the next Bachelorette

Gabi noted how Charity always “stands up for what is right,” detailing how she never shied away from speaking up if something was off with the other contestants on the show.

“She deserves to find love,” Gabi continued. “I think she was very authentic the entire time. She was always there for all of us.”

Gabi said that partly because Charoty is a therapist, it was in her nature to always “lend a helping hand” and offer support for the other women on The Bachelor. They even joked that she should have been compensated for “putting in some work” beyond the means of the show.

Gabi admitted that if Charity didn’t win The Bachelor, she knew there would be a “high chance” she would be the next Bachelorette.

She believes Charity will “absolutely crush it” as the Bachelorette, especially since she has the tools from her career to be able to work through such an emotionally draining process.

Gabi also hopes Charity will find someone genuine, treats her with respect, and — as the show boasts — is “there for the right reasons.”

Charity Lawson gives details on filming night one of The Bachelorette

Charity started filming for her season last week, and it seems she is off to a good start as she gears up for the jam-packed journey ahead.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Charity labeled her first night as a “good one,” saying she was a little giddy and smitten after meeting her potential suitors.

“I have a good batch of boys… I was laughing the whole night,” Charity dished.

While she was apprehensive at the beginning of the night, Charity said the nerves ended up “easing their way out” as the hours went on, and she felt more comfortable.

She also admitted that after The Bachelor, she felt as if she truly processed and could work through her former feelings for Zach, thus leaving her fully open and ready to embark on her quest for love.

Bachelor Nation has a few months before Charity’s premiere, which will air on June 26 during a new time slot.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, June 26 at 9/8c on ABC.

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