Former The Challenge competitor is ready for return: ‘I think my vacation is over’

da'vonne rogers and jozea flores on the challenge final reckoning
Former The Challenge teammates Da’Vonne Rogers and Jozea Flores on the Final Reckoning season. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge has featured hundreds of competitors across 36 seasons, with cast members arriving from many different backgrounds and shows, including Ex On The Beach, Survivor, and Big Brother.

Oftentimes, some competitors are done with the show quickly. Fans see them on one season of the show, and for some reason, they’ve never been called back or decided to return.

However, one competitor who has been on a hiatus from competing on the show seems ready to make a return and is putting everyone on notice.

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Former Challenge competitor ready for return?

Jozea Flores, who has appeared on one regular season of The Challenge recently sent out a tweet announcing his intentions to return to MTV’s competitive reality show.

The former Big Brother star was last seen on the Final Reckoning edition of The Challenge and was partnered with fellow Big Brother star Da’Vonne Rogers.

On Monday, Jozea tweeted, “I think my vacation is over” with a tag for MTV’s The Challenge to get their attention. Jozea also hashtagged “TheChallenge36” for the current season, Double Agents.

jozea flores tweets about return to the challenge
Pic credit: @jossie_flores/Twitter

In another tweet, Jozea played up how he would make his big return to The Challenge, asking what sort of transportation he should use for his entrance. Most likely, he wouldn’t have a choice as competitors are usually transported to the show however production wants them to be. Double Agents cast members arrived in dark-tinted SUVs.

jozea flores tweets about return to the challenge
Pic credit: @jossie_flores/Twitter

On Final Reckoning, Jozea and his partner Da’Vonne found themselves frequently targeted by opponents to send into elimination. However, the twist with that Challenge season was eliminated teams were sent to a Redemption House and could then return to win their way back into The Challenge house.

Jozea and Da’Vonne ended up getting sent to redemption twice but returned twice. They were 2-2 in eliminations and went home in Episode 15 of the season.

In addition to Final Reckoning, Jozea appeared on the Champs vs. Stars spinoff season. That season featured Challenge champions battling stars from other forms of sports or entertainment, with Jozea appearing from Big Brother.

While Jozea has announced his intention to return, it will mostly be up to whether he gets a call to appear on The Challenge. There are rumors that Season 37 casting calls have been happening, with the show possibly filming in the coming months.

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Jozea may have a feud with Double Agents star

Once Double Agents started airing, cast members Devin Walker and Wes Bergmann had a live video they did together on social media discussing previous competitors.

During that conversation, Devin asked Wes to name his worst three Challenge competitors of all time. Wes stayed away from naming any names, but Devin didn’t.

He named Double Agents rookie Joseph Allen and former Challenge competitors Natalie Negrotti and Jozea as his three worst. Joseph was a recently unproven rookie and didn’t fire back, but the two former Big Brother stars clapped back.

“Don’t play with me! Your going to need a real (walker) !! YOU DEFINITELY DON’T WANT ANY SMOKE YOU HEARD ME! KEEP MY F*****G NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH!” Jozea tweeted, among other things.

Jozea also went off about Devin during an interview he did on YouTube. That seems to suggest there will be some bad blood between him and Devin should they see each other on a future season of the show or anywhere else. The two were previously castmates together on the Champs vs. Stars spinoff, but never on a regular season.

Many of The Challenge fans believe that MTV could have another Rivals-themed season of the show, where feuding competitors will be teammates. While Jozea could be partnered with Devin, he may be a bit down the list behind other rivals. A few other Big Brother stars have been prominently featured in feuds with Devin during the Double Agents season, including Josh Martinez and Fessy Shafaat.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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