Former Below Deck Med cast members and fans call out Bravo over mental health narrative

Fans and cast members speak out over Below Deck Med's portrayal of mental health.
Bravo is under fire for the mental health narrative that played out on Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo

Former Below Deck Mediterranean cast members and fans are calling out Bravo over the mental health narrative surrounding Hannah Ferrier’s firing.

The outrage over the way Hannah’s departure from the show happened is taking over social media. Not only are fans and cast members upset over how she was treated, but also how mental health is being portrayed.

It is bad enough that Hannah ended her run on such a disappointing note. However, Below Deck Med is adding fuel to the fire by putting a negative stigma on mental health, which is not okay with fans.

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Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White have taken the brunt of the fan backlash, but now Bravo is under fire. The network has endured a lot of negativity this summer, firing several stars for racism.

This is certainly not helping Bravo change their image.

Cast members speak out

Below Deck Mediterranean alums Jamie Jason (Season 3) and Anastasia Surmava (Season 5) are speaking out on the topic.

Anastasia used Twitter to share that those with anxiety can work in the yachting industry, despite what they saw on the Bravo show.

Anastasia Tweets about mental health.
Pic credit: @NastiaSurmava/Twitter

Jamie didn’t hide her anger over watching a show that ruins people’s livelihood. She is appalled at the lengths some people go to for ratings.

“I get it, it’s entertainment we all signed our lives away walking onboard, but sh*t man the lengths people will go to for ratings and emmys at the expense of the exploitation of another human being is sickening,” Jamie shared in part of her lengthy Instagram post.


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What I am going to do is reserve my feelings about last nights episodes, I have so much I absolutely want to say but I will tell you I definitely did cry! I also have no fucking desire to watch a show that ruins people and their lively hood, and also makes a mockery of guests. I get it , it’s entertainment we all signed our lives away walking onboard but shit man the lengths people will go to for ratings and emmys at the expense of the exploitation of another human being is sickening. @hannahferrier234 I love you my Angel, so proud of you and all the things You achieved and all the sheer amount of shit you’ve powered through cause hunnnnnyyy look at you now, THRIVING! @EVERYONE, please support her new ventures @oceaninttrainingacademy for those that want to make a break into yachting, and go listen to her podcast Dear Diary, You’re Effed. Love this lady to the moon and Beyond! ?

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Courtney Skippon from Below Deck Season 7 is not happy the narrative suggests that there is something to hide when it comes to mental illness.

Below Deck star Courtney Skippon talks mental health.
Pic credit: @CourtneySkippon/Twitter

Peter Hunziker, Bugsy Drake, and Jessica More have all come out with their own stories regarding mental health since Hannah’s panic attack was featured on Below Deck Med.

Here’s what fans saying

Fans have been very opinionated on social media regarding the mental health storyline. Many viewers are disgusted by what happened to Hannah and appalled that Bravo would handle her panic attack in such an insensitive manner.

Captain Sandy shaming Hannah for hyperventilating at 4 a.m. was beyond horrible. The fact that shame is placed on a person struggling with mental health crossed a line for viewers.

Fans slam Below Deck Med and Bravo.
Pic credit: @lmurray9007/Twitter

Showrunner Nadine Rajabi spoke out after Hannah’s exit. Although she praised Hannah as a person, she also stood up for Captain Sandy and Malia. Nadine argued their jobs were on the line to report and terminate Hannah after the CBD pen and valium were discovered. Fans think she is merely trying to save face for the network.

There are a lot of feelings and opinions regarding the way Below Deck Mediterranean handled Hannah Ferrier’s firing. Since it was linked to her panic attacks and anxiety, viewers are calling out Bravo for how it was handled.

Below Deck Med fans bash Bravo.
Pic credit: @PainterSam/Twitter

While fans and cast members continue to express their opinions, Hannah is looking back on the season and moving forward with her life.

Season 5 of Below Deck Med is far from over. The mid-season trailer proved that there is so much more drama and disaster to come. Will you still be watching?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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