Flora from The Real World on Botched: See what Dr. Dubrow did to fix her uniboob

Real World: Miami star Flora Alekseyeun is at her last tether with her medical condition from breast implants on Botched! Pic credit: E!

On the premiere episode of Botched on E!, fans were reunited with an old reality TV pal. Flora Alekseyeun starred in the fifth season of MTV’s Real World series filmed in Miami.

Unfortunately, Flora has been suffering a big uniboob problem.

After three plastic surgeries, her breasts have seemingly fused, meeting in the middle of her chest.

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Discomfort and embarrassment were why Flora sought help to remedy her issue on TV. She hoped that one of the best restorative plastic surgeons would be able to help fix her nightmarish physicality for good. She also realized she could not afford to have operation number four fail to fix the problem.

Dr. Terry Dubrow’s reputation as a crack restorative surgeon — especially with breasts — is why she was there.

When people appeal to Botched following unfortunate boob jobs, they seek Dr. Dubrow’s expertise in fixing these bad breast surgeries. This time, the surgeon was called upon to help the patient regain a normal appearance.

What is wrong with Flora’s breasts?

Flora can afford no more mistakes in her breast surgeries. Pic credit: E!

As Dr. Nassif points out in the video, Flora had been afflicted with symmastia.

This condition — known as a uniboob — is named for the appearance of one breast since the two breasts migrate towards each other in a single pocket of flesh. The breasts eventually meet in the center of the chest, looking as if they had merged together.

The condition can either be congenital or can be caused by getting bad implants. When caused by breast augmentation, the official term is iatrogenic symmastia.

In Flora’s case, her situation worsened after undergoing three elective breast surgeries. Even though one doctor refused her request to go under the knife, others catered to her demands.

The last breast surgery, which was conducted in an attempt to repair the uniboob situation, was done while the patient is put out under twilight anesthesia.

Apparently, this method can be very dangerous.

Witness Dr. Dubrow’s immediate reaction upon hearing this news in the clip above.

Flora from The Real World on Botched: See what Dr. Dubrow did to fix her uniboob

Stupidity is what Flora says made her get breast implants.

“I feel like I have to take a big poop,” said a nervous Flora, who consulted with Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif.

After three surgeries, Flora felt her boobs falling into her armpits. Her breasts felt like they were fusing together.

“Newsflash to Flora’s doctor,” said Dr. Dubrow, who chided the other doctor for using a form of anesthesia not suitable for this surgery.

“It’s incredibly painful!” he exclaimed.

In the exam room, Dr. Dubrow also found that the patient was afflicted with capsular contracture.

“Capsular contracture — the number one cause of complications associated with breast implants — may have occurred inside of her body, causing scar tissue to form, pushing her implants up towards the center and causing her symmastia,” Dr. Dubrow said in a separate interview.

“If that’s the case, and we use implants again, she may be set up for this occurring all over again.”

He decided to reconstruct her breast without including implants.

What he found when he opened up Flora during surgery was shocking. The former doctor had used hernia mesh, likely the culprit responsible for all of Flora’s problems.

“Before my surgery, I had a uniboob situation that was not sexy at all,” Flora shared in the episode. “But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I have two separate breasts.”

Botched airs Monday at 9:00 PM ET/PT on E!


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