Botched! helps Real World: Miami star Flora Alekseyeun with severe uni-boob problem

Real World: Miami star Flora Alekseyeun is at her last tether with her medical condition from breast implants on Botched! Pic credit: E!

On the premiere episode of Botched! on E! we meet up with an old reality TV pal, Flora Alekseyeun, who starred in the fifth season of MTV’s Real World series filmed down in Miami.

Flora has a big problem. After three breast surgeries, she has breasts that are meeting in the middle of her chest, and she cannot blow operation number four.

Dr. Terry Dubrow is an expert at fixing bad breast surgeries, and he is called upon to help her regain some normalcy in her appearance.

This pretty reality TV star’s enlarged breasts have what people call a uni-boob,  but there is a medical name for it.

As Flora described her surgeries, she said:

“So I went back to the doctor and this was when we found out that there’s such a thing called moonlighting, you are awake but you’re not awake but you don’t feel anything.”

Dr. Dubrow said: “Do you mean twilight [anesthesia]?

Floored, Dr. Dubrow added: “He didn’t bring you back to fix Symmastia under Twilight sedation, did he? Oh boy.”

Dubrow then said that when he first became a plastic surgeon, Symmastia was considered unfixable. Luckily, over time it was considered partially fixable under certain circumstances.

“But, news flash to Flora’s doctor,  Twilight anesthesia is not one of those circumstances because number one it’s incredibly painful and number two it’s really hard to do when the patient’s awake.”

Who is Flora Alekseyeun?

Flora Alekseyeun will turn 50 this year. She was born on September 18, 1971, in Odessa, Ukraine, but later moved to Boston, Massachusetts.

At age 24, Flora was cast as part of 1992 The Real World: Miami series on MTV.

This was the fifth season of the reality TV series.

What is wrong with Flora’s breasts?

As Dr. Nassif points out in the video, Flora has Symmastia.

This “uni-boob” condition is so named as the breasts migrate towards each other in a single pocket of flesh. This occurs when the breasts eventually meet in the center of the chest and merge together.

The condition can be caused by bad implants or be congenital – meaning that someone is born with it.

When it is caused by breast augmentation, it is officially called iatrogenic Symmastia.

In Flora’s case, her situation worsened after three breast surgeries that she kept insisting on. Even though one doctor refused her request, others happily catered to her demands.

The last breast surgery was done in an attempt to repair the uni-boob situation and was done with Twilight anesthesia, which is very dangerous as we find out.

You can see the immediate reaction Dr. Dubrow has when he hears this news in the clip below.

Can Drs. Nassif and Dubrow fix Flora’s boobs? You know at least they will try.

Botched! is back Monday beginning April 13 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on E!

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