10 strangest reality TV shows in the past decade

Reality TV has become an obsession among viewers, and networks are forced to come up with more creative ideas. However, the word “creative” might not be the best word when you think back on some of the shows that we’ve seen over the years. Words such as odd, bizarre, bonkers, and strange would be better


Flora from The Real World on Botched: See what Dr. Dubrow did to fix her uniboob

On the premiere episode of Botched on E!, fans were reunited with an old reality TV pal. Flora Alekseyeun starred in the fifth season of MTV’s Real World series filmed in Miami. Unfortunately, Flora has been suffering a big uniboob problem. After three plastic surgeries, her breasts have seemingly fused, meeting in the middle of


Botched! preview: See what Dr. Nassif can do for the nose that keeps on growing

Sculpting a nose is a refined art in plastic surgery, one that Dr.Paul Nassif is quite masterful at accomplishing. And on tonight’s heartbreaking edition of Botched! on E! we meet a mother of three who underwent two rhinoplasty operations and now is dealing with a growing nose that is sensitive to touch and hurts her,

Carmen Campuzano: Who was Mexican model and actress on Botched?

Carmen Campuzano was featured on the latest episode of Botched. The show follows Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif as they try to help everyday people and celebrities who have suffered from plastic surgery errors and physical deformities. The doctors come highly recommended and their show speaks volumes about their ability to help people

Actress Tawny Kitaen wants rid of her breast implants on Botched

The Botched season finale is here and Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif are determined to try and help American actress Tawny Kitaen, who wants her breast implants gone. Tawny is most famous for co-starring with Tom Hanks in Bachelor Party and was a real sex symbol during the 1980s and Dr. Dubrow tells her that she was

Could you handle leech therapy? Find out on the Botched season finale!

This week is the Botched season finale and Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif are ready to bring out the leeches! Leech therapy might send shivers down your spine or be the sort of thing you have nightmares about, but it is a real medical treatment and is used quite often to help damaged tissue