Martina Big from Botched is not on Instagram, but here’s where to find her [P.S. she’s now called Malaika Kubwa]

Martina Big during her appearance on Botched
Martina Big, who is now called Malaika Kubwa, appeared on Botched to seek help from the doctors. Pic credit: E!

Martina Big previously made headlines after appearing on Botched, but has since changed her look quite a bit, drawing criticism over the drastic transformation.

Her appearance on Botched was for a consult on working on her backside. Martina Big wanted her butt to stand out a little more, especially with the weight she was carrying in her chest. The meeting with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif was anything but ordinary.

Where is Martina from Botched today?

After Martina appeared on Botched with her enormous breasts, she got quite a lot of attention. She did have a following before, but this made her more mainstream. Martina was still not content with her looks, so she decided to change everything up.

Now, Martina Big identifies as a totally different race. She got melanin injections to change her skin color and has completely changed up her hair. Martina went to Africa to be baptized, and she even changed her name to Malaika Kubwa.

She appeared on The Maury Show and talked about what she was going through. The response to her transformation has been mixed, but Martina Big isn’t changing anything about what she has done to her body.

Where can you find Martina Big/Malaika Kubwa?

For a while, Martina Big had an Instagram handle, but she no longer has an account. However, there is a hashtag that fans can follow and a fan account that keeps interested followers up to date with what is going on with her.

Aside from Martina on Instagram, she has a YouTube channel where she has over 21,000 followers. She also has a Facebook page with more than 50,000 followers where she regularly posts updates about her constantly changing appearance along with other things she’s been up to.

Last but not least, she also has her own website where you can read all about her and see lots more pics.

Botched airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on E!

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