Felicia Cannon relaxes by the pool after hospital release, Big Brother alums leave kind messages

Felicia Cannon from BB25
Felicia Cannon finished fourth place on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother alum Felicia Cannon is home and shared images of herself relaxing next to the pool.

This comes after she was released from the hospital, where she had spent several days recently.

Earlier this month, Felicia asked her followers for prayers.

Before that request, Felicia revealed that she was in the hospital for colitis.

After hoping for the hospital stay to be brief, Felicia had to spend several days there.

Colitis is a chronic digestive disease. It involves inflammation of the colon’s inner lining and is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Felicia is home and finally getting to relax

“At home, Saturday night, 85 degrees and absolutely beautiful. Sometimes it’s the small, quiet times that are the best,” Felicia captioned a new Instagram post.

The post features several photos of Felicia by the pool. One even guest stars her husband.

“#cannonhouse, #mamafe, #faithofamustardseed, #chill,” she added to the post.

Many Big Brother alums and social media followers have left Felicia kind messages of support.

“I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU,” Blue Kim from Big Brother 25 screamed.

“Stunning,” wrote Joseph Abdin from the BB24 cast.

“Beauty queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!💛✨” posted Rachel Reilly from BB25.

Many other followers have also left kind comments for Felicia.

Hopefully, she will continue doing well at home and enjoy many more nights by the pool.

Felicia By The Pool
Felicia Cannon by the pool. Pic credit: Felicia.Cannon.9/Instagram

New York City will welcome Felicia Cannon soon

Felicia finished fourth place on Big Brother 25. Jag Bains won that season, with Matt Klotz as the runner-up and Bowie Jane finishing third place.

The BB25 cast also featured Survivor legend Cirie Fields and America’s Favorite Houseguest, Cameron Hardin. As for the twist, Cirie got to play Big Brother with her son, Jared Fields. Fans still debate if that was an advantage for her or a disadvantage to deal with.

Soon, a BB25 cast reunion will take place in NYC. It’s part of a watch party happening for the BB26 season premiere.

A new BB26 teaser video was released, giving hints about what’s to come. That includes some audio clips of famous Big Brother moments from the past.

The new season begins on July 17, and debuts with a two-part premiere on CBS. The episodes air at 9/8c that Wednesday and Thursday.

More Big Brother alums are on The Traitors 3. A new season of the hit Peacock show is being filmed for this winter.

Previous seasons of Big Brother are streaming on Paramount+. Felicia Cannon can be seen on Big Brother 25 from the summer of 2023.

Big Brother is on hiatus at CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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