Extreme Sisters recap: Viewers are introduced to the bizarre relationships of close sisters on this brand-new TLC show

Anna and Lucy from Extreme Sisters
Extreme Sisters is the highly anticipated new show from TLC about sisters who take their relationship very seriously. Pic credit: TLC

On the premiere episode of the much-anticipated new show, Extreme Sisters, viewers were introduced to three pairs of sisters whose closeness goes beyond a normal level of sisterhood.

Viewers got to learn about some of the dynamics between the sisters and got a peek into their backgrounds as well.

There are some shocking and unique characteristics that each pair of sisters have that make their bizarre bonds and lives that much more interesting.

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Extreme Sisters details the adversity and judgement these sisters face as a result of their quirky lifestyles.

Meeting the Extreme Sisters

Anna and Lucy are identical twins from Perth, Australia, who truly believe they are one person and want to be treated as such. They have both been in a 10-year relationship with the same man, Ben, and explained that when they get intimate, they do things as a team but made it clear they don’t do anything sexual with each other. They have also always lived with their mother.

Anna, Lucy, and Ben from Extreme Sisters
Anna and Lucy share their boyfriend, Ben. Pic credit: TLC

Notably, Lucy is dealing with an infected tooth that needs to be pulled, and Anna said that she would have to have her tooth pulled out as well so that they remain the same. They were visibly upset by the idea of only Lucy having the tooth out.

Patricia and Patrix are sisters from Atlanta, Georgia, who take their commitment to each other to the next level. Patrix lives with Patricia and her husband and three kids and the sisters dry brush each other’s bodies every day.

Patricia was born without complete fingers on one of her hands so Patrix has always stepped in to help with anything she needs and helped to prevent her from being bullied when they were kids.

Patrix said she put her life dreams on hold so she could be with Patricia while she had her family and now she wants them all to move to Orlando so they can pursue Patrix’s dreams.

Patricia and Patrix from Extreme Sisters
Patricia and Patrix want to move to Orlando together but it is causing tension in the family. Pic credit: TLC

Brooke and Bailey are sisters who can not be separated, even when they sleep, much to the annoyance of Brooke’s husband, Denver and Bailey’s boyfriend, Briar.

Their constant need to be around and involved with each other is causing a strain on both their relationships but the sisters are willing to fight to be close to each other.

Brooke and Bailey from Extreme Sisters
Brooke won’t stop sleeping in the same bed as her sister and her husband. Pic credit: TLC

What to expect this season on Extreme Sisters

This season will take a deep dive into the lives of these sisters who feel the absolute need to be together all time and share a closeness that is hard to understand. It will cover the strain their bond puts on those around them and how their personal dynamics can be difficult for each other as well.

There will be 2 more pairs of sisters joining the cast this season, which viewers will hopefully meet next episode.

Extreme Sisters has new episodes every Sunday after 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. This season of Happily Ever After is catching up with six of the couples from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise who are still together.

This season will follow them as they navigate through married life, cultural and family differences, and unexpected obstacles.

Extreme Sisters is on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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