Extreme Sisters viewers react to the drama so far

The new hit TLC show Extreme Sisters is three episodes in and it is apparent that fans are baffled, but very interested, in the dynamics between these five pairs of sisters who bring their closeness to the next level. Viewers have been learning about the quirky and problematic relationships between these sisters and how their


Extreme Sisters recap: We want a fairytale

This week, viewers were introduced to a new and final pair of sisters for the first season of the hit TLC show Extreme Sisters. Extreme Sisters follows five pairs of sisters as they try to navigate life attached at the hip and wary of anything that would either make them dissimilar or detach from one


Extreme Sisters recap: Me, my sister, and my mister

On the second episode of the new hit TLC show Extreme Sisters, viewers met Christina and Jessica whose deep bond makes them feel safe but has been a hindrance to their other relationships. The other pairs of sisters also faced challenges with the dreams they share and how they include their significant others into those