Extreme Sisters recap: We want a fairytale

Patrix and Patricia
Some sisters had very awkward and uncomfortable encounters while some had explosive circumstances. Pic credit: TLC

This week, viewers were introduced to a new and final pair of sisters for the first season of the hit TLC show Extreme Sisters.

Extreme Sisters follows five pairs of sisters as they try to navigate life attached at the hip and wary of anything that would either make them dissimilar or detach from one another.

These sisters harbor a closeness that cannot be matched by anybody else and when a threat to their bond presents itself, the sisters freak out.

Viewers were introduced to identical twins married to identical twins

The last pair of sisters to be introduced for the season were Brittany and Brianna Salyer, married to identical twins Josh and Jeremy, who all share parenting responsibilities for Josh and Brittany’s son. Brianna is currently pregnant with another child that the foursome intends on raising all together too.

They met at an event for twins and instantly paired off and fell in love. They pride themselves on having the same extreme closeness with their twin as their spouses do.

Brittany and Brianna’s mom suggested that they go on individual dates with each other to have a little separation. It completely backfired with both couples saying that they are offended when people think they are codependent and made the point that they live their lives together by choice.

Brianna, Brittany, Josh, and Jeremy Salyer
The Salyer sisters share a deep bond and understanding with their husbands, who are also identical twins. Pic credit: TLC

Two pairs of sisters had a hard time compromising

Patricia and her husband Ron had good intentions when they propositioned Patrix with finding someone to date in Atlanta, where they live, instead of Patrix’s idea of taking Patricia away to live out their dreams in Orlando.

They went on a roller skating date where Ron remarked that he has never been on a solo date with his wife ever.

Jessica remained defiant against her sister Christina’s relationship with her new boyfriend John, and things got extremely heated when they had a discussion letting Jessica know that John moved in.

Before the heated discussion, Jessica and Christina got away to the woods to have a naked sister bonding session where they attempted to overcome the animosity they were feeling over Christina’s new relationship. They have both always either been in a relationship or single at the same time and are struggling with uncharted territory.

Next week Anna and Lucy will visit a fertility doctor where they will explain their desire to get pregnant at the exact same time, and the idea of a turkey baster is brought up.

Viewers will also catch up with Brooke and Bailey who are having a very hard time separating in order to save Brooke’s marriage from further issues.

Extreme Sisters is on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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