Extreme Sisters viewers react to the drama so far

The Salyer sisters and brothers
Fans are fascinated by the bizarre sisterhood on Extreme Sisters in the first 3 episodes and react over social media. Pic credit: TLC

The new hit TLC show Extreme Sisters is three episodes in and it is apparent that fans are baffled, but very interested, in the dynamics between these five pairs of sisters who bring their closeness to the next level.

Viewers have been learning about the quirky and problematic relationships between these sisters and how their bond effects those around them.

There has already been ‘OMG’ moments, gnarly fights, unnatural dynamics coming to light, and tears, this season with plenty more drama on the way.

Fans have been reacting over Twitter to some of the most memorable occurances or dynamics this season.

Extreme Sisters fans react over social media

Viewers have attached themselves to some of the key bizarre parts of these sisters relationships and shared their opinions over Twitter.

Sisters Christina and Jessica were having some serious tension over Christina having a new 24-year-old boyfriend, John, while Jessica remained single. They have always either been single or in a relationship together, so when Jessica clashed in a verbal battle with John, the sisters, who are also psychic, retreated to the woods to bond naked together and recenter their relationship.

Their inner peace with each other was short-lived, however, because another fight went down between John and Jessica, ending with Jessica vowing to break them up.

The Salyers sisters are identical twins who married identical twins and who intend on raising their children all together under one roof. The sister’s mom brought up the fact that neither couple has ever spent time away from one another to go on a date so they decided to give it a shot and the date was beyond awkward.

The extreme attachment both sets of twins felt for each other was too much and at dinner they barely spoke to one another and it was just straight-up awkward. They both perked up when they decided to Facetime their twins.

Anna and Lucy Decinque pride themselves on being ‘The world’s most identical twins’ and get visible anxiety when anything about them is dissimilar. They finish each other’s sentences or just talk at the same time.

They also have shared the same boyfriend for the last 10 years. But their bond definitely is scaring viewers.

Patrix put the dream she shares with her sister of moving to Orlando together on hold while Patricia raised her family. Now that she is 47, Patricia is pushing her sister to leave her husband and kids behind in Atlanta and fulfill their childhood dream of being together in Orlando.

Their bizarre fixation on the city and dream is not going over well with viewers or Patricia’s husband.

Brooke and Bailey are two sisters who cannot psychically be away from each other or they both have fits. But their codependence is weighing heavy on Brooke’s marriage because Bailey keeps sleeping in bed with them and refuses to move out.

They sought advice from their mom on how to attempt to separate from each other and her mom made it clear to Bailey that couples need their privacy.

Brooke and Bailey’s mom has a unique look that got fans talking.

What to expect for the rest of Season 1 of Extreme Sisters

As pressure mounts for these sisters to learn how to manage their relationship better so that they function with the people around them, there will be a lot of pushback.

While some sisters are happy with the way their relationship is and feel like they function perfectly, others know that the depth and necessity of their relationship is not sustainable or healthy.

There will be plenty more fights, compromises, awkward moments, and growth for viewers to see from these Extreme Sisters.

Extreme Sisters is on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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1 year ago

This is one of the most disturbing and ridiculous shows I have seen. These sisters have mental health issues, all of them, especially the 2 from Australia. If this kind of crap is the only thing on tv, I would throw my tv out the window.