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Exclusive: Erica Rose defends husband Charles Sanders amid Below Deck Sailing Yacht backlash

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Erica Rose stands up for her husband Chuck's behavior.
Erica sets the record straight on her husband’s behavior on Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Pic credit: Bravo

Erica Rose has defended her husband, Charles Sanders, aka Chuck, amid all the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 backlash.

There’s no question Erica and Chuck have brought a lot of drama to Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Chief stew Daisy Kelliher hasn’t held back expressing her opinion of the group on and off-screen.

Erica spoke with Monsters & Critics regarding the drama with Daisy. The Bachelor alum also wasted no time standing up for her husband during the interview with M&C.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Erica Rose defends Chuck amid backlash

Chuck has earned a lot of backlash for his behavior on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, especially his gross food rant and bashing of chef Marcos Spaziani. Erica admitted the personal attacks on her and Chuck have been hard for her, but he has not been fazed about it.

“He has a really thick skin, and I’m protective over him. I really love him,” she expressed. “I’ve got these negative comments about him, on my own personal Instagram, people are messaging me and saying like, ‘Oh no, how could you be married to him? He’s so mean,'” she shared.

Erica explained Chuck was acting, or rather playing up, a character that the producers liked. While his behavior was giving the producers what they wanted, she clarified that nothing Chuck did was scripted.

“He said he was acting. He was a theater major in college and he was just having fun. It was not scripted, and no one handed him a script. No one told him to do or say anything,” she stated.

Like on Season 2, Erica, Chuck, and their group met with producers where they were told “all types of stuff.” One thing they were encouraged to do was share complaints if any arose.

She feels Chuck got caught up in the reality TV of it all, as some people do when they are first on a reality TV show.

“I think he was getting caught up in it. I do think that when cameras are around, people’s personalities get amplified and especially when for the first time,” Erica said. “He felt like it was his job, even though we aren’t paid to be there. But in the moment, he felt like it was his job to be as entertaining and over-the-top.”

Erica explained Chuck was more of himself on the first night. As for the next morning with the omelette, she revealed he would not act like that in real life. Chuck would have eaten it, unless there were tomatoes on the omelette because he hates tomatoes.

What else does Erica want Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans to know about Chuck and their charter?

Aside from defending her husband, Erica also shared Chuck’s behavioral moments were far from the only moments that occurred on their charter.

“There were happy moments that weren’t shown like when he bought a bottle of Scotch and was just drinking it with the crew and having fun,” she recalled.

Speaking of having fun, Erica spilled Gabriela Barragan led a yoga class one day. Erica called it a beautiful moment for her group.

Along with getting to know Gabriela, Erica revealed that her group got to know Gary King, Captain Glenn Shephard, and Colin MacRae better than on her previous charter.

Despite the criticism, Erica shared she wants people to know that Chuck’s screen time was “not an accurate portrayal of who he is.” As for Chuck, he’s just happy he was able to entertain audiences.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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  1. There is nothing she could ever say to explain away his behavior. They are a miserable group and I hope they never are on TV again. They should be embarrassed. And that tip just shows what little class they have and what little respect they have for people that work in the service industry.

  2. Tonight’s episode had several gross moments. I was mortified by the mom never acknowledging that she made a disgusting mess all over the couch, then denied it, and had the balls to say everyone else had to pay for it. So classless. And Erica was so rude and two faced. I fell over when she mentioned how dramatic her friends were on the last season when it was her creating the drama. And I also think it’s embarrassing she hasn’t addressed the tip yet. That was horrific. Hopefully they’re banned from Below Deck and any yacht moving forward. I sincerely hope her hair stylist ditched her.

  3. Vile, vile disgusting people. Slobs all the way around. Who in the hell puts bronzer on their legs and then sits on a white couch and then denies it was her? The crew went over and above for this obnoxious group and the tip they left was insulting. They should be ashamed. I sincerely hope they are never allowed to rent a super yacht again. It is obvious they have no class and do not know how to be decent to people. Shameless. Just shameless.

  4. Don’t quit your day job Chuckie. Hopefully this will give your clients reason to pause. Honestly, if I saw my attorney behaving like this, I’d drop him! There are plenty of well behaved qualified attorneys out there who don’t need to go on reality shows to stroke their fragile egos!

  5. I have not seen the latest episode so I don’t know what the tip was. Sounds like it was pretty bad. I knew it was gonna be bad when the moron said he was going to reduce the tip every time he was unhappy. That being said, maybe they need the $$ more then the staff. Mom didn’t even fly first class.

    • If you can’t afford to tip don’t pretend to afford the experience. Playing to the cameras doesn’t mean one has to be a prick.

    • If they can’t afford the tip, they can’t afford the trip. That’s certainly no excuse in my book…nor in the book if any hard working service industry professional.

  6. I was physically repulsed looking and listening to Erica, her husband, and her mother. Like truly got the willys. Their personalities were schizophrenic, obnoxious and devoid of any redeeming qualities. And its always someone else’s fault. And the amount of sub par plastic surgery in the last year was comedic. Just say No! Can you imagine the filth in their house? Makes ya want to run right over for a meal of creamed spinach and e coli. Full time housekeepers for sure just to pick up after the adults. But no chef necessary cause Momma’s cooking Spaghettios for dinner.

  7. bottom line, acting or not.. douchbag and i dont believe the drinking with the crew… hes not a nice person… you dont act like that, especially on camera… and i hope his business whatever he does fails, along with her.. you dont treat people that way

  8. He jumped to the front of the line of assholes on TV really fast….I’m with the cook. Beat his a** down. Lawyer or not. I would have been locked up as well….I’ve never seen anything like him. No less on a channel that’s already full of people who have little regards for others…I would love to see their business suffer so they can no longer charter anything….not even a rickshaw…..just maybe a damaged old hot air balloon….wishful thinking….

  9. Was their ridiculously low tip part of the act too? “Chuck” should give up acting and Erica should get her head out of the clouds.

  10. That’s all well and good, but what about the bull $#!+ tip he left for the crew? Was that acting too? She can defend her husband all she wants, but his actions show he’s an @$$hole to the core! His “acting” cost people real income.

  11. It’s hard to believe that anyone believes it was real. As for the tip – don’t you realize that these so called yachties are paid to appear on the show? Do you really believe they’re on television, working for TIPS??? Open your eyes.

  12. I do not feel sorry for you – you chose to stay with that douche bag. You could have stood up to him and told him STFU and get some manners. As to “acting” tell it to the hand – he is just plain rude – he is definitely no actor – just low class, no manners.

  13. 1. NoONE believes that was an act – just normal low class, no manners on his part. 2. You are no better than he is by not telling him to STFU. 3. He sure did take tip money from what was given for the group from everything I’m reading – he attempted to screw the other couple who left early & gave him their tip money. 4. LOW class – left mess on sofa and then lied about it – fake tan is very bad. I guess maybe they gave the other couple’s money for the couch??? Tr__hbags! Please DO NOT EVER COME BACK ON HERE – WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU!@!!


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