Ex on the Beach 5 star Mike Mulderrig says ‘huge fight’ was cut from Episode 3 making it seem he ‘overreacted’

mike mulderrig during an ex on the beach 5 confessional interview
Mike Mulderrig during an Ex on the Beach 5 confessional interview. Pic credit: MTV

The recent episode of MTV’s Ex on the Beach 5 featured plenty of drama as cast members participated in something called the Table of Truth which put cast members in the hot seat with their exes.

Several arguments erupted during the question and answer session as truths came to light and former couples quarreled over their issues.

At one point, Mike Mulderrig became extra animated as he yelled at several castmates, even standing up and pounding his fists on the table before walking away.

Following that scene airing in Episode 3, Mike shared there was another scene viewers never got to see ahead of his blowup.

Mike Mulderrig says a lot was cut from EOTB 5 Episode 3

In Ex on the Beach 5, Episode 3, viewers saw several blowups, one of which resulted in Caro Viehweg getting sent home from the show.

Caro was upset with her ex Ray Gantt after he lied to her about hooking up with another woman. Ultimately, Caro had enough of Ray’s lies and threw her drink at him, resulting in her removal from the show.

Her blowup towards Ray arrived after the Table of Truth segment of the show featuring cast members having to answer difficult questions posed by their exes. If they chose not to respond, they could spin the table’s wheel of “Mystery Meat” and had to consume whatever less-than-appetizing selection came up.

An argument also occurred between Jamar Lee and Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao during the segment. At one point, viewers saw Mike Mulderrig yelling at his castmates, telling them the Table of Truth wasn’t all about them and to let others participate. He eventually stood up, slammed his fists down on the table, and stormed off.

Some viewers watching things the way they unfolded on TV may have thought Mike seriously overreacted. However, he took to his Twitter after the episode aired, sharing that the editors took a lot of liberties with presenting things. Therefore, it may have been confusing for those watching the scene from home.

“Oh they really cutting out a lot from this table of truth. Makes sense #ExOnTheBeach,” Mike tweeted on Thursday night.

mike mulderrig tweets about eotb 5 episode 3
Pic credit: @MikeMGTV/Twitter

Mike shared a GIF with a follow-up tweet saying he understood why viewers might think he overreacted during the segment.

That probably had many people wondering what footage Mike was referring to, and he later explained more about what all went down.

Mike said a ‘huge fight’ was cut from EOTB episode

With many people wanting to know what Mike meant when he said they cut out a lot from the episode, he later revealed there was a “huge fight” as he and his ex Arisce Wanzer “went nutts” on a particular couple.

Mike didn’t reveal which couple he was talking about but said it even went so far that the “higher ups had to step in.”

“I wish y’all got to see why you should never mess with the LGBT, especially Arisce and I,” Mike said in his tweet.

mike mulderring says fight was cut from eotb 5 episode 3
Pic credit: @MikeMGTV/Twitter

A fan commented on his tweet, asking if there was a homophobic remark involved that set things off, but Mike said that wasn’t the case.

fan replies mike mulderrig tweet about eotb 5 episode 3
Pic credit: @MikeMGTV/Twitter

It’s worth noting that Mike also commented about a tweet from castmate Jamar Lee, who called him a “fake tough guy” saying he “had every opportunity to hit” him. Mike replied telling Jamar that him “walking away” from a fight was the tough thing to do.

eotb 5 mike mulderrig tweets back jamar lee
Pic credit: @MikeMGTV/Twitter

MTV’s Ex on the Beach 5 started with a cast of 10 singles, and then their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends showed up to complicate matters. Mike, a former cast member from Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, showed up as cast member Arisce Wanzer’s ex during the MTV reality show.

Things may get even more interesting when Ex on the Beach 5 returns with Episode 4, as the end of Episode 3 revealed more singles arrive at the Villa to stir things up in terms of the romance and drama!

Ex on the Beach 5 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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