Love Island USA’s Caro and Ray breakup could play out on Ex on the Beach

Ray and Caro on Love Island USA
Ray and Caro on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Ex on the Beach has a few former Love Island USA competitors.

This includes one of the most popular couples in Love Island USA history, Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt.

This could be combustible since the reason the two broke up will possibly play out on Ex on the Beach.

Caro and Ray to possibly clash on Ex on the Beach

In 2019, Caro appeared on Love Island USA as one of the OGs of Season 1. However, she struggled to make a connection.

That all changed when Ray showed up in the villa.

The two stuck together and made it all the way to the finale. Caro and Ray placed third and left the villa as a couple.

They stuck together for a long time as a couple, and even lined up other reality TV competitions.

They went to The Amazing Race, but that opportunity ended up delayed thanks to COVID-19. When the competition resumed, they did not.

Caro and Ray had already broken up.

Will Ray and Caro’s breakup play out on Ex on the Beach?

With Caro showing up on Ex on the Beach, it sounds like she is going to spill the tea about the breakup.

This came thanks to a post that Caro made on Instagram that several Redditors spotted.

In the post on her Instagram stories, she shared a post by Jasmin Elago that read, “Mannnnn I’ve been holding this sh*t in for the longest time … I’m so happy the truth bout to finally come out. Omg guys watch till the end. I can’t wait till he gets exposed.”

Caro then wrote, “Gurlll the tea.”

With Ex on the Beach coming up, it sounds like Caro plans to expose something, and it is almost surely about Ray.

It also makes it sound like Ex on the Beach could come to an explosive finale if the post gives any indication.

If there is anything to note about this, it is that Love Island USA fans can’t miss out on this reality series.

Other than Ray and Caro, other Love Island USA cast members that will appear on Ex on the Beach this season include Kyra Green as a single and both Emily Salch and Sher as exes.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. It will return this summer on Peacock. Ex on the Beach airs on MTV on Thursdays at 8/7c and replays on Paramount+.

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