Love Island USA’s Caro Viehweg says Ex on the Beach ‘did her dirty’

Caro Viehweg on Ex on the Beach
Caro Viehweg on Ex on the Beach. Pic credit: MTV

Ex on the Beach recently released the cast list for the new season, and Love Island USA islanders are showing up.

In the cast listing, there are two former Love Island USA cast members listed as “singles” and four more listed as “exes.”

One of the cast members on the exes side isn’t happy with the promotion as she heads to the show.

Caro Viehweg said that Ex on the Beach “did her dirty.”

Caro blasts Ex on the Beach for photo used in promo

A fan posted their excitement that Love Island USA’s Caro Viehweg and Big Brother’s Da’Vonne Rogers were appearing on the show.

They posted the two photos that Ex on the Beach released, and this brought a response from Caro.

“Not gonna lie they did me dirty choosing this pic,” Caro wrote. “The curls got no justice.” She added two laughing emojis to show there were no real hard feelings.

Humorously, Mike Mulderrig from Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club responded with a tongue-in-cheek response of his own.

“GIRL I HATE MY PIC TOO!” he wrote.

Caro and Mike are both listed as exes this season, and Caro is almost surely the ex for her Love Island USA partner Ray Gantt.

The two left the island together and were even going to compete as a couple on The Amazing Race. It was around that time that Caro dumped Mike, saying he wasn’t serious enough about their relationship.

Who is on Ex on the Beach in 2022?

This year’s singles looking for love include Love Island USA’s Ray Gantt and Kyra Green.

Also showing up as singles looking for love are Arisce Wanzer (Strut), Bryce Hirschberg (Too Hot to Handle), David Barta (Paradise Hotel), Derynn Paige (Double Shot at Love), Jonathan Troncoso (World of Dance), and Da’Vonne Rogers (Big Brother).

Several exes are there to hook up with their former partners or just to try to screw things up for them.

This includes Caro, Sher Suarez, and Emily Salch from Love Island USA.

Also showing up as exes are Jamar Lee (Big Brother Canada), Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao (Big Brother Canada), Kat Dunn (Big Brother), Nicole O’Brien (Too Hot To Handle), Mike Mulderrig (Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club), and Ricky Rogers (Double Shot at Love).

The couple that Love Island USA fans will be watching is Caro and Ray.

They were fan favorites in Season 2 and finished the show to the end, coming in third place.

However, when they went on The Amazing Race, cracks showed, as they argued a lot. There was a huge hiatus in the middle of filming during the pandemic, and when the show picked up again, they didn’t return to finish.

They broke up in 2020.

Caro’s work visa expired, and she left the United States and began traveling abroad.

Ex on the Beach premieres on March 31 at 8/7c on MTV.

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