Big Brother alums to appear on new season of Ex on the Beach

Ex on the Beach MTV
A new season of Ex on the Beach will feature two women from Big Brother. Pic credit: MTV

More Big Brother alums are taking their reality show fame to a season of Ex on the Beach.

The cast for the new season of Ex on the Beach has been released, and it features two former Big Brother houseguests.

In the past, quite a few people from the world of Big Brother have been featured on seasons. Mark Jansen (BB19) and Elena Davies (BB19) took part in Season 3. And Corey Brooks (BB18), Jozea Flores (BB18), Morgan Willett (Big Brother: Over the Top) and Monte Massongill (Big Brother: Over the Top) took part in Season 2.

The premise of Ex on the Beach is pretty simple, as a group of singles (many from the world of reality TV) are brought on a dating show and they must also deal with people that they used to date. It sets up possible new relationships and a lot of new drama.

The Big Brother alums on Ex on the Beach Season 5

Kat Dunn from BB21 and Da’Vonne Rogers from BB17, BB18, and BB22 will be featured on the new season of Ex on the Beach. The first episode for Season 5 of the show will air on the night of Thursday, March 31.

Kat Dunn shared a lot of comments about Celebrity Big Brother as the season progressed this winter, and she finished 10th place on Big Brother 21 after lasting 58 days in the game. She then became a member of the BB21 jury and voted for Holly Allen to win.

Big Brother fans first got to meet Da’Vonne when she played on BB17 and finished in 16th place. She returned for the BB18 season and finished in 11th place. When the producers put together the Big Brother: All-Stars cast (BB22), Da’Vonne came back a third time and finished in 10th place.

For this season of Ex on the Beach, Da’Vonne is going to be one of the singles, while Kat is going to be featured as one of the exes. Da’Vonne is also part of the TV promo shared below.

More news from the world of Big Brother

In other news about former Big Brother houseguests, Christmas Abbott and several others are joining The Challenge. CBS is doing a spin-off that involves just CBS reality TV stars, so Big Brother was one of the shows tapped for it.

It looks like a lot of people turned down The Challenge, according to what Janelle Pierzina had to say. Janelle also spoke about why health concerns ended up making the decision for her to stay home this time.

And in some additional exciting news, Jessica Nickson from BB19 revealed that she is pregnant. The former houseguest and winner of The Amazing Race is going to have a baby with Cody Nickson this summer.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022. Ex on the Beach 2022 debuts March 31 on MTV.

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