Janelle Pierzina explains why she turned down The Challenge, has health concerns

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Big Brother alums Janelle Pierzina and McCrae Olson do a podcast together. Pic credit: Janelle Pierzina/YouTube

Janelle Pierzina from Big Brother stated that she was invited to participate in a new season of The Challenge that will involve people from the reality competition shows that air on CBS (Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Love Island, etc.).

The topic came up during a new podcast episode of her show with McCrae Olson from Big Brother 15. The duo does a podcast called Diary Room Open Mic, where McCrae serves as the producer and Janelle is the host. On the show, they talk a lot about Big Brother and how it intersects with other things.

On a new episode, Janelle and McCrae talked a lot about the new version of The Challenge that CBS is putting together, with the plan to air it on Paramount+ in the near future. And in order to do the show, producers have been calling former Big Brother houseguests to find out if they want to play.

Recently, Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel stated that she has retired from reality TV, leading to her turning down the opportunity to appear on another reality competition show. It was suspected that she was referring to this new version of The Challenge, which she may have passed on to spend more time with Baby Arrow.

Why did Janelle turn down The Challenge?

“So, I was asked to do The Challenge. I turned it down,” Janelle Pierzina states in the video below.

“I am not able to do it. I’ve got health issues from Covid. I know a lot of you know that I’ve got like serious lung problems from getting Covid and my lungs have never been the same and my asthma has never been worse,” Janelle explained in detail.

Janelle also stated that she would have loved to have played on The Challenge when she was 25 and that after she did the first season of Big Brother: All-Stars, it would have been the perfect opportunity for CBS to do a show like that one.

Later in their chat, Janelle said that producers called a lot of older Big Brother alums as well, but that many ended up declining the chance to appear on The Challenge.

The fun and entertaining chat between Janelle and McCrae can be seen in its entirety below.

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For any Big Brother fans who want a chance at winning that $750,000 prize that is now on the line, applications are currently open for future seasons of the show.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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