Dan Gheesling shared what his first major purchase was after winning Big Brother 10

Dan On BB14 Image
The Big Brother Hall of Fame includes Dan Gheesling from BB10 and BB14. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling has been sharing a lot of things from his past after what looks to be an early spring cleaning of his office.

Among the things that he has posted online are rules for playing on Big Brother 8, an application response from trying to be on Survivor, and a full-size cutout of him in his Big Brother comic book character costume.

As everyone is well aware, Dan did not end up as a member of the Big Brother 8 cast, but he did become a main component of the Big Brother 10 season, where he became the first unanimous winner of the hit reality competition show.

Winning BB10 led to Dan getting invited to be a coach on Big Brother 14, where he ended up finishing in second place to Ian Terry. He came very close to becoming the first person to win Big Brother USA twice, and all these years later, nobody has been able to accomplish it.

Dan Gheesling shares what he bought after Big Brother 10

“Goodbye and thanks for the memories – was the first major purchase I made after winning the show,” Dan captioned a Twitter post that featured an image of his retired PlayStation 3 console.

Dan has now upgraded his console since he got the PS3 back in 2008, which meant that it was time to let go of the old one.

Dan Gheesling shares more Big Brother, Survivor posts

As mentioned earlier, Dan noted that he was cleaning up his office when he started posting additional content.

Below are a few more posts that he has recently shared that let fans into his backstory as a gamer and reality TV star.

More Big Brother coming to CBS this summer

MMA fighter Miesha Tate just won Celebrity Big Brother 3, but there is more Big Brother on the way for excited fans.

The Big Brother 24 season will take place in Summer 2022, with a new group of houseguests competing for the now $750,000 prize. Applications are still open and being read, and the producers looking to put together an exciting cast.

In other news, Nicole Franzel revealed she has retired from reality TV. The BB18 winner and three-time player of the game has decided that she wants to spend more time with Baby Arrow.

And in really exciting news, Jessica Nickson from BB19 is pregnant. She is having her third baby with fellow BB19 houseguest and husband, Cody Nickson, and the bundle of joy is expected to arrive this summer.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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