Ex on the Beach Season 5, Episode 3: Caro Viehweg removed from show after drama with Ray Gantt

caro viehweg confronts ray gantt during eotb 5 episode 3
Carro Viehweg confronts her ex Ray Gantt during Ex on the Beach 5. Pic credit: MTV

In Ex on the Beach Season 5, Episode 3, viewers got a serious dose of drama, thanks to the Table of Truth revealing some difficult answers about some of the cast members’ exes.

The episode included several blowups at the table, including Mike Mulderrig going ballistic and walking off and Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao blasting her ex Jamar Lee.

However, Caro Viehweg, 23, and her ex Ray Gantt, 25, from Love Island got into a major altercation during the show, resulting in Caro getting removed from the Villa for her actions.

Table of Truth exposes lies and secrets

A fun-filled party game arrived in the latest episode of Ex on the Beach, as the singles and their exes played at the Table of Truth. It involved questions that each cast member wrote down ahead of the game to ask specific individuals in the house about their romantic interests, previous hookups, and more.

If the person who got asked a question refused to answer, they could opt to eat something from the Table of Truth’s wheel of various dishes, which featured disgusting food options, including radish and squid.

Minh-Ly was the first to eat something from those selections as she chose to play nice and not answer a question about whether or not she had an interest in another castmate besides Jamar. She admitted in her confessional that she skipped the question because she wanted castmates to like her after initially making a bad impression.

cast members from eotb 5 participate in table of truth
Singles and their exes participated in the Table of Truth in EOTB 5, Episode 3. Pic credit: MTV

Things got heated, though, when Minh-Ly discovered Jamar hooked up with her archenemy, who appeared on their previous show Big Brother Canada. That resulted in a blowup as they kept yelling back and forth at the table.

Mike took exception when he repeatedly told them to quiet down so everyone could participate in the Table of Truth. He finally had enough and pounded his fists on the table before storming off as several castmates tried to calm him down.

Caro kicked off for drama with her ex Ray

EOTB cast members Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt had a heated moment at the Table of Truth as well. That’s because earlier in the episode, Caro was trying to find out if Ray did anything with Alexis Christina. During the segment, Ray told Caro they had just talked, and nothing went down.

MTV’s Ex on the Beach Instagram page showed a clip of the two Love Island stars having that sitdown where Caro attempted to get the truth from Ray.

However, when the Table of Truth arrived, Ray was asked if he hooked up with Alexis and the ugly truth arrived that he did. That caused Caro and Ray to shout at one another before Da’Vonne Rogers pulled a visibly upset Caro away from the table to try to calm her down.

Da’Vonne spoke with Ray a bit later and suggested now was the best time for him to talk to his ex due to the state she was in. However, things went from bad to worse for the exes.

As Ray tried to calm Caro down in another room, she found out there were more and more lies coming from her ex, revealing in her confessional there was “only so much” she could take emotionally.

“Moving forward from today. Today, lie to me, and I’ma have this drink thrown in your face again,” Caro yelled at Ray before exploding and throwing her drink at him.

The camera shifted away from whatever happened, but the splattered wine was shown on the wall as part of the scene with nearby castmates Derynn Paige and Ricky Rogers surprised by the incident.

Following that altercation, the narrator revealed the next day that Caro “had to be sent home for violating Villa rules.”

“Anger and being violent is never the answer with anything,” Caro said in a confessional. “I am sad things ended this way, like I wanted to keep staying in here. I definitely learned a lot from Ray, which I’m super grateful I know all the red flags of a cheater and a f**kboy and a liar. I already know when to run away. So thank you, Ray.”

Ray admitted in a later scene to some of his castmates he felt he and Caro were better off as friends. His castmates seemed to agree, including Da’Vonne, who said in her confessional that the situation between Ray and Caro was toxic, so Caro getting sent home was the best thing for her.

Ex on the Beach 5 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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