Arisce Wanzer on Ex on the Beach 5: Who is the EOTB single and where can you find her on Instagram?

arice wanzer on ex on the beach season 5
Arisce Wanzer appears on MTV’s Ex on the Beach 5. Pic credit: MTV

The fierce and fabulous Arisce Wanzer is in the spotlight in the Ex on the Beach 5 cast. She’s one of the 10 singles on the beach dealing with past relationship drama when their exes show up at the beach.

The transgender model has her ex Mike Mulderrig arrive at the beach, who may have other interests while he’s there.

Here are more details about Arisce Wanzer, her dating insights, and where to find her on social media, including Instagram.

Who is Ex on the Beach 5’s Arisce Wanzer?

Arisce Wanzer is a 25-year-old transgender model, actress, and comedian on MTV’s Ex on the Beach Season 5. She was born in Woodbridge, Virginia, and currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

According to Huffington Post, Arisce became inspired to become a model while attending a Victoria’s Secret fashion show at age 14. She eventually moved to Miami at 18 or 19, where she attended the Art Institute of Miami.

She also chose to fully transition at 19, per Oxygen. Arisce has since appeared in the pages of Vogue Italia, Forbes, and Purple Magazine. She has also walked the runways for Los Angeles, Miami, and New York Fashion Week.

Arisce appeared in the Oxygen reality TV series Strut in 2016. The show focused on transgender models and their professional lives. Other cast members included Cecilio Asuncion, Dominique Jackson, Isis King, Laith Ashley, and Ren Spriggs.

In 2017, she admitted to Huff Post that the modeling industry needed to change, and she was willing to be the face of change if she had to.

“The industry needs to change. I will be the face of change for this industry if I have to be, the big nosed face of change. I do not care. I’m not going to back down. I’ve been modeling for 12 years, as both male and female, so I know I’m beautiful. It says so on several contracts. I have proof,” she said.

Along with reality TV and modeling, she’s been in other roles, including drama films and TV shows. Her filmography includes Next of Kin, Enemies of Dorothy, Cheetah in August, and What’s The Function. Additionally, Arisce has shown up in several video shorts and music videos.

She also has her own drag queen merchandise available such as t-shirts, hoodies, and coffee mugs with her likeness on them.

Arisce’s dating red flags, toxic traits, and more

Ahead of the Ex on the Beach 5 premiere, MTV shared promotional videos featuring the EOTB singles. In Arisce’s video, she shared some of her dating red flags, toxic traits, and other insights.

“My red flags would be I’m not gonna emote just because you’re emoting. Another red flag would be, just look how I look. I’m gonna be very expensive,” she says in her video.

Her dealbreakers for a significant other include not getting her humor and having poor hygiene, especially when Mike doesn’t wash his feet.

For a toxic trait, Arisce explains that a significant other may have to plan sex with her because she “doesn’t feel like it” sometimes.

As mentioned, she’s one of 10 singles on EOTB 5 along with others including Derryn Paige, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Ranin Karim. On the show, Arisce’s ex is Mike Mulderrig, a 29-year-old reality TV star who previously appeared in Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

Where to find Arisce Wanzer on Instagram or other social media

Arisce has several social media accounts, including @ariscestocrat on Instagram, where she currently boasts over 45,000 followers.

She has shared several Ex on the Beach 5 photos or videos, including the one-minute clip below from the MTV dating show.

In the video, Arisce explains she’s now living in Los Angeles and is a “transgender supermodel.” She describes herself as “Maleficient in princess form” as she’s “not the evil queen just yet,” but she’s on her way.

She also says she’s an “equal opportunity” dater where everyone gets a shot, but someone who is “really hot” will possibly get up to four shots.

In addition to EOTB posts, she’s also shared various images of herself modeling stylish clothes. As shown in the IG carousel post below, that includes posing as a bunny in various scenes around Los Angeles.

Instagram isn’t her only social media platform of choice. Arisce is on Twitter @Ariscestocrat, with over 5,000 followers, and uses TikTok. Fans can see her videos there, including one featuring her ex Mike.

As far as her situation with Mike goes, viewers will have to catch the weekly episodes of Ex on the Beach 5 to see where things stand with this couple and their relationship issues.

Ex on the Beach 5 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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