Ranin Karim on Ex on the Beach 5: Age, Instagram and everything else to know about Carl Lentz’s mistress

ranin karim appears on ex on the beach season 5
Ranin Karim on Ex on the Beach 5. Pic credit: MTV

Ranin Karim appeared on Ex on the Beach 5 premiere along with other singles who are looking for romance but also have to examine their previous relationships.

Her story was particularly interesting because it involved an affair she had with Hillsong pastor Chris Lentz.

Here are more details about who the Ex on the Beach star is and where to find her on social media, including Instagram.

Who is Ranin Karim on Ex on the Beach 5?

Ranin Karim is a 35-year-old owner and New York City fashion designer for Wahidon. The company sells jewelry pieces and kimonos.

The company’s website says that they sell items that signify people’s growth from relationships that occur between the carnal world and the spiritual world.

She is one of two singles on EOTB 5 who has no previous reality TV experience. The other is Alain Lorenzo, whose ex is Sher Suarez from Love Island.

Ranin appeared in a video ahead of the season premiere of Ex on the Beach 5, where she mentioned the best thing about dating her is that she knows how to cook.

She informed viewers that her red flag is she is “too straightforward,” which could be intimidating for some people. Ranin says she’s very supportive as a partner, and her flaw is to push people to be better than herself. Her toxic trait is that she needs to bring her dog Egypt everywhere she goes. 

“So if you date me, you have to date my baby too. My dog,” Ranin said in her video.

Ranin was involved in affair with former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz

During EOTB 5 season premiere, Ranin brought up her affair with former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz. According to Daily Mail, Lentz was fired from Hillsong in November 2020 due to “moral failures.”

The former pastor was married to his wife Laura for 17 years, and the couple had three kids together. However, Ranin claims he told her she was the best sex he “ever had in his life” during their five-month affair.

She opened up about the details of the affair once the news hit, indicating she is Muslim and didn’t know “anything about the Christian world.” That included her not knowing Lentz’s position in the church.

“He would come to my apartment three times a week with Tequila in his backpack so people wouldn’t see him with it in the street,” she told Daily Telegraph (per Daily Mail) once their affair was revealed.

“He said the sex we had was the best he’s ever had in his life and he couldn’t stop being with me,” Ranin said.

Once news of the affair hit, Ranin also apologized to Lentz’s wife.

“I’m sorry, life is complicated and s**t happened but I never intended to hurt you,” she said, also mentioning she wished she could undo everything that happened.

Not only was Lentz fired from Hillsong, but so was his wife Laura, who worked as a leader for the megachurch. The church also started an investigation into its culture.

Near the end of the season premiere of Ex on the Beach 5, Ranin was one of three cast members who appeared on the Totem of Terror, meaning she had to head to the beach to await the arrival of an ex. She was joined by EOTB 5 castmates Derryn Paige and David Barta.

Ranin mentioned in a confessional interview that she didn’t want to see the man she had an affair with, and he blocked her. However, MTV already revealed that her ex is a man named Elias Abreu. More details should arrive about him in the upcoming episodes.

Where to find Ranin on Instagram, other social media

Since Ranin is new to the reality TV world, her following is a bit low compared to other cast members. That could change as she appears in more of the episodes of Ex on the Beach 5.

Her official Instagram is @therealranin, where she has over 5,700 followers as of this writing. Over two weeks ahead of the show’s premiere, she shared a promotion photo of herself in a bikini with a message announcing her appearance on the show.

“Surprise! I’m taking quite the trip to the beach! ? Don’t miss this season of #exonthebeach ! Premieres Thursday 3/31 at 8/7c on @mtv !” Ranin wrote.

Ranin is quite active on her IG page, often sharing photos of herself in bikinis, fashionable items, and one of herself with another man, who may be a close friend or something more.

On February 18, Ranin shared a photo of herself with an arm around a man as she planted a kiss on him. She’s tagged Corey Alexander in the picture, who lists himself as an artist on his IG page.

“Days off & us,” Ranin wrote in her caption, along with a blue heart emoji.

As of right now, it appears Instagram is the only social media that Ranin uses, so she’s likely to share any important show or life updates there as the season’s episodes arrive.

Ex on the Beach 5 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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