Ex on the Beach 5 cast members Arisce Wanzer and Da’Vonne Rogers reveal best things about dating them

da'vonne rogers and arisce wanzer of ex on the beach 5
Da’Vonne Rogers and Arisce Wanzer appear in Ex on the Beach 5 cast videos. Pic credit: @exonthebeach/Instagram

Fans are getting to know more details about Ex on the Beach 5 cast members, as MTV has released several promotional videos ahead of the series premiere.

In the latest videos, former Big Brother and The Challenge star Da’Vonne Rogers and Strut’s Arisce Wanzer share insights about who they are when it comes to relationships.

That includes their red flags and the things that make them great for dating, with Da’Vonne also revealing her toxic trait.

Strut’s Arisce Wanzer shares details in Ex on the Beach 5 cast video

The premise of Ex on the Beach involves reality TV stars who go to an exotic retreat to explore new romantic relationships. However, the twist is that one of their exes could show up on the beach at any moment, throwing a curveball into their pursuit of a new romance.

There are 10 singles in the Ex on the Beach 5 cast, including Love Island’s Ray Gantt and Kyra Green, Double Shot at Love’s Derynn Paige, and Paradise Hotel’s David Barta.

Arisce Wanzer is also amongst the singles. The 25-year-old originally appeared on the reality TV show Strut, which premiered in 2016 on the Oxygen cable network and followed the lives of professional transgender models.

She shared her “get to know me” video on her official @ariscestocrat Instagram page just over a week ahead of the series premiere.

“I think the best thing about dating me is my predictability,” Arisce says in the video, “Some might call that boring, but some might call that stable. I’m f***ing stable.”

Arisce also shares some of her dealbreakers for a significant other, including poor hygiene and not getting her humor.

Arisce’s ex for the Ex on the Beaches 5 season is Mike Mulderrig, who originally appeared on Lindsey Lohan’s Beach Club.

Da’Vonne Rogers shares great things about dating her

Fans of Big Brother and The Challenge have seen Da’Vonne Rogers appear in several seasons of those shows, and she had no problem speaking her mind to others during her appearances.

She mentions that from the start in her Ex on the Beach 5 video before sharing red flags and things that make her good for dating.

“My one red flag is I’m very direct. My grandmother always told me, ‘Say what you mean, and mean what you say,’ and I do just that,” Da’vonne says in her promotional video.

“Da’Vonne is HERE! ? She’s a straight shooter who makes it KNOWN what gets HER GOING ? and what’ll send you GOING HOME alone!” MTV’s Ex on the Beach caption reads.

“I’m gonna give you what you need. I’m gonna give you what you want. I’m gonna be your best friend. I’m gonna love you. I’m gonna care about you, and I’m gonna be your homie,” she says when describing the best parts about dating her.

She mentions her toxic trait is that she likes “to be in control of things” and also lists off her five red flags when it comes to a potential relationship with someone.

Check out the full video below, as Da’Vonne gives more details about what to expect from her when it comes to dating and romance.

She’ll try to find a new romance while appearing in Ex on the Beach 5, although her ex Jamar Lee from Big Brother Canada could make things complicated for her when he shows up.

Da’Vonne previously appeared on Big Brother, The Challenge

Da’Vonne started in reality TV as a Houseguest on Big Brother 17 and returned for Season 18 before heading over to MTV for a different sort of competition.

She competed in two seasons of MTV’s The Challenge with Final Reckoning and War of the Worlds. She teamed up with fellow Big Brother star Jozea Flores for Final Reckoning.

They were first eliminated by Kam Williams and Kayleigh Morris in the Think Tank event in Episode 9. As part of a season twist, they went to the Redemption House and had a chance to win their way back into the game but lost to Cory Wharton and Devin Walker in Episode 13.

For War of the Worlds, Da’Vonne teamed up with Stephen Bear for most of the season. Bear was eliminated in Episode 10 by Kyle Christie. Da’Vonne and fellow Big Brother star Paulie Calafiore nearly reached the final but were eliminated in Episode 14 for coming in last during a daily challenge purge.

Reality TV fans last saw Da’Vonne competing in Big Brother 22, where she won America’s Favorite Houseguest and a cash prize. Now they’ll see how she fares in finding love or exploring a romance with her ex-boyfriend with Ex on the Beach 5.

Ex on the Beach 5 premieres on March 31 at 8/7c on MTV.

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