Ex on the Beach 2022: Global casting call underway for first-ever season featuring couples

david barta and kyra green in ex on the beach 5
David Barta and Kyra Green in MTV’s Ex on the Beach Season 5. Pic credit: MTV

In March, MTV premiered their fifth season of Ex on the Beach, featuring a cast of 10 singles and, ultimately, their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends.

Now, casting is officially underway for another season of EOTB, but it will feature a much different theme this time.

Based on the casting details, this will feature civilian couples in committed relationships, unlike the previous seasons of the reality TV dating show.

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Ex on the Beach 2022 casting details arrive

Last month, Monsters & Critics reported that the popular dating show, Ex on the Beach, was greenlit for two more seasons, including Season 5, which is currently airing on MTV.

On Thursday, various reality TV fan accounts, including @thechallengeshaderoom, shared the official casting call announcement for another season of MTV’s Ex on the Beach.

According to the promotional image, they are currently searching for couples for the first time in the show’s history. The casting call applies to “civilian couples who are in a committed relationship.”

The second slide below is a different image with similar casting details, also asking, “Is an ex causing waves in your current relationship?”

To apply, individuals need to visit the EOTB Global Casting call website, which features an application form. The show is open to all couples over the age of 21 in a committed relationship, based in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

The application requires providing pertinent information such as name, partner’s name, email address, phone number, social media, personal website, and occupations.

Additionally, individuals need to provide details of their relationship situation, including a description of the issues going on with the relationship.

The application also asks for individuals’ COVID-19 vaccination status and whether or not they have a valid passport since EOTB usually films in exotic locations.

Ex on the Beach 5 features Love Island, Big Brother stars

MTV began airing Ex on the Beach Season 5 on March 31, with an initial cast featuring 10 singles in Gran Canaria, Spain. They included Big Brother and The Challenge star Da’Vonne Rogers, Love Island’s Ray Gantt and Kyra Green, Strut’s Arisce Wanzer, and Paradise Hotel’s David Barta.

Exes began arriving on the beach from the get-go, including Da’Vonne’s ex, Jamar Lee from Big Brother Canada, and Ray’s ex, Caro Viehweg, also from Love Island.

The show puts the couples’ troubled relationships under the spotlight, with some finding closure, others rekindling their romances, and others deciding they just can’t stand being around the other person. That’s led to dramatic moments, including the exits of several cast members.

Each episode spans an hour on MTV and includes various games or challenges to put the couples’ situations to the test and see if they can resolve issues or devolve into further drama.

The show’s arrival in 2022 marked its return to MTV after Season 4, Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love which ran from late 2019 into February 2020.

It hasn’t been revealed if the casting call relates to the sixth season. However, it appears MTV and Paramount Plus are looking to shake up the format for a unique season of the dating show.

Ex on the Beach 5 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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