Erika Jayne says Lisa Rinna is the ‘f***ing GOAT’ of Housewives

Erika Jayne closeup
Erika Jayne called Lisa Rinna the greatest Housewife of all time. Pic credit: ©

Is Lisa Rinna the greatest Real Housewife of all time? At least one person – her friend and former co-star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne – thinks so.

Rinna announced her departure from the hit reality show after eight seasons last week.

On Friday, Jayne weighed in on the news, telling a reporter that she will miss Rinna “very much” – and that her former co-star is irreplaceable.

Asked how Bravo would “fill those shoes,” the Pretty Mess singer, 51, answered, “They can’t.”

“They can try,” Jayne added but said Rinna is “the GOAT. She’s the f***ing GOAT.”

“She will be missed,” Jayne told TMZ of her former co-star, adding that she thinks “everyone will feel” Rinna’s absence.

Erika Jayne on Lisa Rinna’s RHOBH replacement

It’s still unclear who will replace Rinna in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills lineup. Some have floated the possibility that Rinna’s former co-star and sometime nemesis Lisa Vanderpump might make a return to the show.

But, on Friday, Jayne quickly shut that down, calling Vanderpump a “coward.”

“She’s the coward that ran away and couldn’t show up for the reunion,” the How Many F***s singer said, “and so I don’t think that’s a good fit.”

What about Kathy Hilton?

In the past, Hilton has called Rinna and Jayne “bullies” and even issued the producers of RHOBH an ultimatum, saying that she would not return for another season if those two were also involved. But Jayne said she still had respect for her Beverly Hills co-star, despite their bad blood in the past.

“Kathy Hilton showed up to the reunion, and I respect that, because she came to play,” Jayne said on Friday.

Erika Jayne talks ‘BFF’ Lisa Rinna’s RHOBH exit

Erika Jayne isn’t worried about the future of her co-star’s career. As she pointed out, Rinna is an industry veteran with more than three decades of experience in the entertainment business. She is currently busy with her brand Rinna Beauty and the recently launched Rinna Wines.

“Lisa’s been in this business for 35 years,” Jayne told the reporter, adding that she thinks success will follow Rinna wherever she chooses to go.

Still, the Pretty Mess singer is disappointed to be losing an ally on the show – but pointed out that her friendship with Rinna will outlast their time as co-stars on RHOBH.

When the reporter pointed out that Erika was “losing a BFF” on the reality series, she replied that she had also “gained a BFF in real life –which is sometimes much more important.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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