Kathy Hilton is giving RHOBH producers an ultimatum

RHOBH star Kathy Hilton is standing up for herself against Lisa Rinna.
Kathy Hilton is tired of being bullied on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Pic credit: ©

Kathy Hilton is playing a dangerous game in the Bravo Universe–she is giving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producers an ultimatum.

Andy Cohen has said many times that ultimatums don’t usually work out well for Housewives.

Nevertheless, Kathy recently explained that she was fed up with Lisa Rinna’s antics as well as her bullying tactics.

As viewers of the show know by now, Lisa was the only witness to Kathy’s alleged meltdown during the cast trip to Aspen.

The actress said that Kathy had thrown stuff, broken glasses, and said horrible things about everyone on the cast. However, Lisa explained that what Kathy said about her sister Kyle Richards was the worse.

She said Kathy threatened to end Kyle and her family.

Kathy apologized to Kyle in front of Lisa and admitted to having said some cruel things. She blamed it on the altitude, the alcohol, being tired, and Kyle constantly making fun of her during the group.

However, Kathy’s apology doesn’t appear to be good enough for Lisa. The soap opera star went after Kathy during the show and said she needed help. Lisa said Kathy had threatened to end the show and take everything away from her sister, Kyle.

Kathy Hilton wants the bullies out of RHOBH

TMZ caught up with Kathy at La Scala in Beverly Hills. Kathy told the outlet that Erika and Lisa were trying to stay relevant.

Kathy claimed the two were making stuff up, stirring the pot, all for the sake of the show.

Kathy said that Erika and Lisa didn’t care that they were hurting her and Kyle in the process. She said that if the RHOBH producers don’t get rid of the bullies on the show, she won’t be back for another season.

RHOBH fans feel like Lisa Rinna has gone too far

Recently, Lisa Rinna reposted a fan saying that Kathy Hilton didn’t feel bad about the trauma her daughter, Paris Hilton, endured.

Moreover, the comment said that Kathy arranged for her daughter to get kidnapped and was responsible for all of Paris’ trauma.

Lisa has been acting out, but this time, viewers said that enough was enough and that Lisa crossed the line in an inexcusable way.

Paris took to social media to like some of what the fans were saying, in her defense against Lisa. She liked a post where the viewer wrote, “This goes beyond a ‘reality show’ & ‘playing a villain.'”

The fan added, “If Lisa didn’t think this was bad, why did she delete this? No amount of $/fame would make pay a ‘reality villain’ like this, especially knowing the parent did what she thought was best at the time/unaware. Inexcusable.”

She also posted a video of her mother at BravoCon, where Kathy is talking about the advice, she gave Paris. She told her to take the time to slow down and enjoy where she is. Paris, captioned the post, “Love you so much mom.”

During The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Lisa had said, “Put me on pause.” It seems like she might be getting her wish.

However, at BravoCon she said that if she left the show, it would be a mutual decision and not her getting fired.

Next week, the reunion concludes and Kathy will face Lisa.

In a preview, Kathy denied saying the things Lisa reported. However, she admitted to saying other unkind things.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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