Emily Larina arrives back in America with son David but without Russian 90 Day Fiance husband Sasha Larin

Emily Larina and Sasha Larin
Emily Larina shared a post with her son David arriving back in America but without her Russian 90 Day Fiance husband Sahsa Larin. Pic credit: TLC

Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance star Emily Larina shared a video of her and her son David traveling back to the US from Russia where she had been living with her husband Sasha Larin.

Sasha did not make the journey with them and Emily did not mention Sasha directly in the post.

Sasha himself has not responded to his wife and son’s move back to the US without him either.

Emily’s post left a lot up to speculation like her relationship status, Sasha and his family’s wellbeing, and she steered away from addressing the Russian conflict in Ukraine aside from saying that she is “praying for peace.”

Emila Larina is back in America with her son but without her 90 Day Fiance husband Sasha Larin

Emily used her Instagram platform to document her voyage back to America with her son David. She made the journey without her husband Sasha and made no specific mention of why she chose to leave her husband in Russia.

The less than thirty-second long video shared photos and videos of David as they took “5 airplane rides” between “3 countries” before Emily shared a video of David walking with a banner over the video that read, “We are in the USA.”

In the caption Emily wrote, “David and I are in the USA for a bit. Of course, I miss my family in Russia, my apartment, the life we built in Moscow. However, I felt it was best if we came to the states for a while to see my family here. For now, I’m living in the present and praying for peace.”

Emily left a lot to wonder about her husband Sasha, whether they are even still together, and what their path forward will be aside from being in the states for a while.

Sasha Larin made controversial remarks about the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Sasha has been social media silent the last few days after taking a very pro-Russian and vocal stance through his Instagram stories.

When faced with backlash about his remarks, Sasha doubled down on his Russian pride but called himself a pacifist.

At the time of Sasha’s social media outbursts, Emily did not post anything of her own on the matter.

Sasha recently teased in an interview before the Ukrainian invasion that he wouldn’t mind making an appearance within the 90 Day Fiance franchise again. Sasha’s standpoint was in contrast to what Emily said back in February of 2020 about not wanting to be part of reality TV anymore.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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