Duggar family steps out to bowl but some key members are missing

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in a TLC confessional
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar hosted a family bowling night. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar family spent a night together bowling and shared a photo of their group to social media. While the usual attendees were there, a lot of the adult children were missing in the photo.

A fan asked where everyone else was, and the Duggar family responded some didn’t make it while others didn’t make it into the picture. Some Counting On fans aren’t buying it and are wondering if there are some more rifts within the family.

Which Duggar family members attended the bowling outing?

Most of the younger Duggar siblings were pictured in the photo. Tyler Hutchins was noticeably missing, but he was likely there with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Jana, Jedidiah, and Jeremiah were in attendance as well.

Josh and Anna Duggar were there along with their kids as well. They have relied on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar a lot over the years, and recently, have started praising them at every turn. Anna has been dubbed the “new Michelle,” by some Counting On fans. From homeschooling to having a bigger family, it isn’t too hard to see why.

The family tries to get together often so that they can see everyone. Several of the Duggar siblings have posted photos from other events, which has piqued fans’ interest. One was a sweater party and another was a camping trip that was filmed for the last season of Counting On.

Duggar family outing photo.
The Duggar family went bowling and some members were missing. Pic credit: @duggarfam/Instagram

Is there a rift brewing in the Duggar family?

While it is widely known that Jill Duggar isn’t welcome at the family home without permission, are the other Duggar siblings following in her shoes?

Jinger was in town last weekend and spent a lot of time with her sisters and family. Jill Duggar was invited to join the sister squad, which was shocking. Did she put a bug in the other girls’ ear about Jim Bob Duggar and his control?

Kendra Caldwell was missing at both events, so it may just be that she was sick. The other ladies with new babies were also not in attendance. There is some speculation that they may have not wanted the kids out in public, which is a valid concern with the age they are.

There likely isn’t a feud or rift happening despite speculation there may be. Most of the family events happen on weekdays and it could be that the other siblings had prior engagements. The bowling fun was a nice photo and proved that the Duggar children do have fun.

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